Redefine the Meanings of Life and Nature with a Trip to Ethiopia

The land of mysteries – where nature, antiquity of history and culture, and manifestation of pure ethos combine together to give once in a lifetime experience to every visitor. Yes, we are talking about Ethiopia that sits peacefully within the tropical latitude hiding all its secrets of ancient history, unique landscapes, and natural wonders that glister your eyes once you start exploring this land.

The raw, untouched beauty of ancient Ethiopian culture and its people’s unique lifestyle anchor your heart, and you feel like drenching in the holistic colors of nature, hard to find in their purest form anywhere else. From marvelous churches of Lalibela, bustling markets to its beautifully created volcanic plateau, Ethiopia never fails to excite your aesthetic sense.

It’s time that we start looking at Ethiopia beyond the gloomy shadows of war and smudges of the feminine, and see that with its ancient coffee ceremony and marks of historical legacies, Ethiopia is a ‘must-visit at least once’ kind of place that brims with songs of life and joy.

Here are some exciting reasons that can allure you to toss Ethiopia in your travel bucket list and entice you to apply for the visa at right away:

The Landscapes are Matchless:

Ethiopia engrosses the marvels of nature in all colors. With the mighty mountains, arid plains, spectacular highlands, gushing lakes, and lush patches of green areas, Ethiopia seems like a land where nature has dismounted with all its tints and beauty. With Ethiopia solely and proudly holding 70% of the African continent’s mountains, it is not hard to say that this land boasts one of the finest shades of the landscape on the earth.

The plethora of Unique Festivals:

With over 80 ethnic groups, anyone can predict that Ethiopia is a land of festivity, observance of unique ceremonies, and never-ending reasons to celebrate life. Priests, all draped in white clothes, holding a pointed stick of around 5 feet, celebrate the Timkat festival to mark the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan. Besides religious festivals, Ethiopian also has a thing to celebrate different colors of life that can be seen in their joyful Coffee festival that is all about sipping coffee, living life, and exchanging heartfelt laughter. So, once you are here, you relearn the meanings of living life to its fullest.

People are Just Amazing:

Once you visit Ethiopia, you see the real depiction of the term’ heart of gold’ because the pure smiles, twinkling eyes, and friendly behavior of Ethiopian people make you reclaim your belief on humanity and warmth of relationships. Its 80 ethnic groups, speaking in 200 dialects, are living together for centuries while preserving their own customs and respecting others’ traditions. Once you head toward the Great Ethiopian Rift valley and the Omo valley, you can witness glimpses of the pure tribal lifestyle – being observed for more than 1000 years.

Food that Tickles Your Tastebuds:

Ethiopians love for life is also visible in their flavourful cuisine and unique dining style that brings you closer to the centrality of a meaningful life. From dishes of spiced meals and curries, assorted vegetables, and chickpeas, you can find everything according to your tastes and desires. Not to forget injera – a sour and spongy fermented flatbread – that is the staple food of Ethiopia, and if you have a thing for sour food, you will feel like taking dozens of them along with you.

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