Qataris can enter Britain without a visa: All you need to know

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3rd May 2022 Travel

Qataris can enter Britain without a visa: All you need to know

This electronic visa waiver (EVW) allows Qatari passport holders to enter the United Kingdom/Britain.

In order to enter the United Kingdom, a Qatari citizen must have a valid EVW, which allows them to stay for up to six months. Qataris can obtain the UK EVW visa waiver online to skip waiting in the queue at the UK consulate or embassy.

Before departing for Britain, Qatari nationals must complete and submit an EVW application form. Filling out the form online is simple and takes only a couple of minutes.

A visa waiver application for Qataris must be completed and submitted for review for approval. It's best to do this at least 48 hours before your flight to Britain. The UK EVW will be attached to your passport electronically after it has been authorised.

To clarify, the EVW is not a visa but rather a visa waiver, making it a kind of special authorisation to enter the United Kingdom for Qatari nationals.

Visit a UK embassy or consulate if you plan to travel to Britain for reasons other than tourism, business, medical, or education. The British embassy in Qatar is located in Doha.

Requirements to apply for UK EVW for Qataris

Citizens of Qatar who intend to apply for a UK EVW should first read the visa requirements for Qataris travelling abroad. Travel rules and regulations are explained in great detail in these documents.

Pay special attention to the application requirements. This will help you avoid making mistakes in your form because errors cannot be changed once the form has been submitted and could potentially delay processing.

In order to complete the UK EVW form, Qatari nationals will need Passports issued by Qatar. The passport must be current and valid (minimum 6 months of validity). To pay the UK EVW processing fee, you'll need a credit or debit card. Moreover,  authorities require an accessible email address to send the electronic visa waiver from the United Kingdom.

Your Qatari passport number, issue date, and expiration date will be requested in addition to any other information you may have to provide. Your arrival and departure dates, flight information, as well as the location of your accommodation, will be inquired about throughout this process.

How to receive UK EVW as a Qatari?

Your electronic UK visa waiver will be linked to your Qatari passport once it has been approved. In addition, you will receive an electronic copy of the EVW. Travelers from Qatar can present their visa waivers in print or digital form once they arrive in the UK.

Typically, your UK EVW is processed and authorised within 24 hours of receipt. Because of the possibility of delays during busy seasons, it is recommended that you allow at least 48 hours for approval before departing.

Travellers from Qatar who have dual nationality should ensure they have the relevant passport with them, as they can only enter the UK using the same passport they used to apply for their UK EVW.

Qatari citizens can enter Britain through major international airports, seaports, and land borders.

You can reapply for a new EVW if your previous application is rejected. Applicants from Qatar should double-check all of their information before submitting it for review, as any errors could lead to their application being rejected.

Reapplying for a UK EVW is necessary if your passport has been lost, damaged, or stolen before you travel to the UK. You need to reapply with your current passport. This is because your passport and EVW are linked electronically.

Travelling to Britain

When you visit Britain, you don't need to take any COVID-19 testing before you go or after you arrive, and you don't need to quarantine yourself when you get to the airport. This is applicable regardless of whether or not you have been vaccinated.

There are no red list restrictions on travel to Britain at the moment.

COVID-19 rules may be in effect at the transportation hub you are travelling or the service provider you use. For example, you might be required to wear a face mask or use sanitizer.

You must abide by any COVID-19 rules and guidelines issued by the airline, boat, coach, or railway company that you choose to travel with.

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