Pride 2015: where to catch the best bits

Pride parades are daring, beautiful and sometimes wild. Whether you want to show your support as an ally or go as a participant, here's how you can catch the best bits of 2015's Pride events.


Brighton Pride

With Brighton being the LGBT destination of choice in the UK, missing Brighton Pride would be a massive shame. Their theme for 2015 is 'Carnival of Diversity'. Celebrate the wonderful, diverse people who make up the QUILTBAG community. Brighton Pride is one of the biggest Pride Parades in the United Kingdom, so is the perfect place to really have some fun with a wide variety of people.



If you're wanting something a bit more educational, BiCon is being held this August - the convention dedicated to education, activism and discussion, all specifically dedicated to the bisexual community. BiCon promises days of discussions, gaming and the chance to meet other bisexual people. Evenings are for fun and socialisation. BiCon finishes their three-day convention with a ball.


Family Pride

LGBT people have families too, and some Pride events can be a little less than family-friendly. Family Pride provides an alternative. An arts and music festival held over three days, it provides a safe place for QUILTBAG familes. There will be workshops for children and adults of all ages, excellent entertainment and more. Family Pride is a camping event, so be aware of that and make sure your tent is weatherproof.



Sparkle is the National Transgender Celebration Held in Manchester in July - an event for all people who identify as transgender, and their family and friends. Talks, events and even a beauty show are held at Sparkle. Sparkle aims to be truly inclusive of all gender identities. The Sparkle Fringe is a new addition, and is hoping to showcase art, theatre, music and comedy centring on transgender issues.


Peel Park Pink Picnic

Marching with parades can be exhausting - wouldn't it be nicer to just have a Pride sit-down in a park instead? Then pop along to the Peel Park Pink Picnic. With stalls, food, entertainment and activities for any children you might have, it's a fun day. The Peel Park Pink Picnic is now in its fifth year of promoting diversity and equality, and keeps on going with their stated intent to build 'community cohesion'. 


Bristol Bear Fiesta

Celebrating big, burly, hairy gay men, Bristol Bear Fiesta is held over the first weekend in June every year. Featuring a meet and greet, a market and club nights, it's a fun time for bears and those who love them.


London Pride

And, of course, we must never forget the Pride Parade in our own capital city. Last year, London Pride saw nearly a quarter of a million people show up. Activism, celebration - it's all here at London Pride. 



If you want to continue the celebration of London Pride deep into the night, head to Corsica Studios for some clubland fun. The best way for party animals to keep their enjoyment levels high. You can buy tickets for BEEFMINCE here 

Hopefully you'll enjoy this year's pride events, and if your local area has nothing, make a fuss!