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The most romantic places to propose around the world

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The most romantic places to propose around the world
A romantic getaway could be just the thing to make your proposal extra special. Here are the most romantic places to propose abroad (without breaking the bank)
Your proposal is a moment that you’ll treasure forever. When it's time to ask your partner the ultimate question, the location you choose can set the stage for a truly magical scene.
Some may choose a special place that’s close to home, while others make a big leap and surprise their lover in a romantic setting abroad.
In light of this, new research from travel insurance experts, PayingTooMuch, reveals the most romantic spots to get down on one knee. This research uncovers the most affordable destinations and uses TikTok data to reveal the most popular romantic locations.

The most romantic proposal destinations

When love is in the air, the perfect proposal destination can really enhance your big moment. The world offers an array of enchanting destinations for popping the question, but which takes the crown for most romantic? 

Santorini, Greece

The research found Santorini, Greece, to be the most romantic proposal destination. The coastal paradise offers the highest number of romantic hotels (39) and restaurants (13) per 1,000 people. 
However, Santorini has a lot more to offer your romantic moment than venues. Surrounded by the Aegean Sea and covered in unique white-washed buildings, this Greek island has all the stunning landscapes to help you make your proposal truly memorable.   

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi coast, Italy, romantic buildings beside sea
Following in second, the Amalfi Coast in Italy offers the lowest average cost for a bottle of wine (£4.30). That means you’ll have lots of choices when it comes to celebrating the proposal. 
While you’ll have the unique experience of drinking wine made from vineyards around the corner, you might want to fill your trip with a little more.
Fortunately, the Amalfi Coast has the highest number of activity options available (48), with the region’s most popular attractions costing an average of £71.

Agra, India 

Taj Mahal at sunset
Agra, India comes in third, with accommodation averaging £14 per night, the cheapest of all locations looked at. If you planned your trip early enough, you could find a hotel that looks out onto one of the most romantic symbols in the world—the Taj Mahal
If you can’t get a room with a view, the Unesco World Heritage site is still worth considering for your proposal spot. Once all the excitement has subsided, you can enjoy an affordable three-course meal for two in the city, averaging only £11.62.

The most affordable proposal destinations

You want the best proposal destination, but you have to make sure that your trip stays within your budget. After all, you’ll still have a wedding to prepare for soon afterwards.
With that in mind, the research looked at the costs of the different destinations to reveal the most budget-friendly destinations

Hội An, Vietnam

Woman walks down street carrying baskets of flowers in Hoi An, Vietnam
Hội An, Vietnam, is the most affordable proposal destination, offering the lowest average cost for a three-course meal for two (£9.09). With a balance of sour, sweet, salty, and umami elements, Vietnamese cuisine promises to fill your proposal holiday with lots of flavour. 
The city is also home to low-cost accommodation. With an average of £16.50 per night, you’ll have more money to spend on your proposal. You can go big and choose the mesmerising landscape of Hạ Long Bay, or keep it modest and propose in the city’s ancient lantern-lit streets.  

Agra, India

Agra, India comes in second, thanks to its cheap accommodation and meals. Even though you won’t have to worry about eating well, you can also keep your spending low when it comes to day-to-day activities. 
The city’s top attractions cost an average of £56.10. Between Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri, Agra offers plenty of places for you and your partner to get lost in the city’s enriching history. 

Marrakech, Morocco

Horsedrawn carriage in Marrakech, Morocco
Marrakech, Morocco, rounds out the top three, with its most popular attractions costing an average of £28.53. Take a romantic stroll through the Jardin Majorelle, a carriage ride through the historic Medina, or watch the Koutoubia Mosque bathe in the golden glow of the setting sun. 
Marrakech has lots of locations for you to carry on the romance, long after your proposal. After the day’s excitement, you can choose to rest your head in a riad or luxury hotel, with accommodation averaging £58.50 per night. 

The most popular proposal destinations, according to social media

With the world offering so many stunning locations for a romantic proposal, which are the ones that people choose to pop the question in most? TikTok data finds the world’s most popular proposal destinations in Europe and the Americas.


Paris is crowned the most popular engagement destination by social media. The city boasts a total of 78.8 million views for TikTok posts under the hashtags #Parisengagement and #Parisproposal. 
Paris isn’t known as the city of love for nothing. Along with the iconic landmarks of the Eiffel Tower and Seine River, Paris offers numerous stunning backdrops for a proposal, including Montmartre, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Pont des Arts bridge.  

Lake Como

Lake Como
Lake Como follows in second with a total of 13.9 million hashtag views on TikTok. The Italian lake is renowned for its natural beauty, with picturesque water scenes surrounded by the Italian Alps. 
Quaint towns along the lake, like Bellagio and Varenna, offer charming streets, lakeside promenades, and intimate cafés. These are some most charming spots you can find for a romantic proposal. 

Napa Valley 

Following in third is California’s Napa Valley, with a total of 11.3 million hashtag views on TikTok. The region’s hillside vineyards make the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable proposal. 
With opportunities to picnic privately among the vineyards or take a hot air balloon ride over the valley at sunset, Nappa Valley has everything you need to create a scenic proposal. 
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