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Peace in Portugal


20th May 2019 Travel

Peace in Portugal

The very best kinds of holidays are the ones that do not require a holiday to recover from it!

When you have the precious time to travel, seek to go beyond the usual rest and relaxation and discover the peace and tranquility of the protected nature resort in Comporta, Portugal.

Visit a place where the pace slows right down, allowing you to restore your energies and surround yourself with such beautiful nature that the spirit is totally rejuvenated.

Herdade da Comporta is an idyllic region of Portugal and one of the country’s best preserved holiday destinations.  It is just a 1 hour and 15 minutes from Lisbon but a few centuries from the hustle and bustle of modern city life.

Once you have partied in Ibiza and bar hopped in Marbella, you may crave a change of pace in your holidays. The kind of serenity that satisfies the soul can be found in the peace that the destination of Comporta in Portugal provides.

Owned by a large banking group, Espírito Santo, the region is impressively well maintained.  It’s classification as a ‘highly protected nature reserve’ ensures that the area remains unspoilt by over development and exposure that invariably happens with most other popular holiday destinations.  Herdade da Comporta has imposed strict restrictions on what can and cannot be built on this territory. This is how the location is able to maintain its feeling of being a pristine paradise and an escape from the hectic lifestyle many of us live today.

Your whimsical holiday will begin as soon as you drive onto the ferry that will sail you towards the shores of Troia, before you head into the quaint villages of Comporta.  This in itself is a special treat as you may get to experience the delight of seeing dolphins swimming in the Atlantic waters.

As a result of the protected nature reserve, there are many species of animals and birds that are native to the area and very rare in others.  Therefore, this is a must visit destination for lovers of nature and bird watchers in particular, with over 200 different species inhabiting Comporta.

The picturesque landscapes provides a variety of relaxing or adventurous activities, from golfing to fishing, to simply basking on one of Comporta’s numerous beautiful beaches.  The most expansive beach is a massive 10 kilometre stretch and is covered in dreamy white sand - bordered by dunes in some places and huge red cliffs in others.

To truly experience the culture and traditions of the rustic village, you can spend the day taking a leisurely stroll around the markets sampling their fresh produce, locally made wines and of course adding to your collection of souvenirs, with items such as handmade straw hats and baskets. You can end your evening at one of the many fine restaurants lining the beaches, who serve fresh locally sourced seafood cuisine.

There are so many wonderful things to see and discover in Herdade da Comporta.  It is most certainly a holiday worth having and one that will leave you with not only amazing memories, but will revitalise the spirit and recharge your batteries before having to return to normal life.

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