My Great Escape: The waters of Lake Annecy

BY Cathy Adams

1st Jan 2015 Travel

My Great Escape: The waters of Lake Annecy

For our reader, Emma Carver from Wokingham, Lake Annecy in eastern France provided the perfect place to relax. Prepare for some serious travel envy…

As I lay on my bed and gazed out of the shuttered window to my balcony, it was hard to imagine a more perfect view to wake up to.

I was in Talloires, a beautiful little town on the edge of the turquoise waters of Lake Annecy. It’s a relaxing place to visit in June, and my parents and I were treated to a virtually empty Hotel du Lac and a peaceful, pristine pool.

 Lake Annecy

Wherever you look here, majestic green mountains surround you: the lush green colour of them suggests that this is also a place that experiences its fair share of rain.

We were right—during our stay we witnessed three impressive thunderstorms and the kind of lightning displays that make you gasp out loud. Thankfully the weather was relatively kind for the rest of the trip! 

The best thing to do on Lake Annecy is to explore it by boat, or join the seemingly constant throng of paragliders from Les Passagers du Vent at Talloires-Montmin floating down from the surrounding mountains.



"Wherever you look here, majestic green mountains surround you"



On our last day, we ventured out to Annecy old town with its history, tiny shops and streets lined with cafes and restaurants. It was market day when we visited and we were treated to hundreds of stalls with cheese, meats, and fruits. It’s easy to get lost in the town’s spell—as well as the maze of alleyways that link the walkways along the Thiou river.

lake annecy

The food and drink around Annecy was fantastic—from huge tankards of strawberry beer to the restaurant at the Villa des Fleurs, which was right opposite our hotel.

It was a wonderful holiday that ticked all the boxes: adventure, history, relaxation and beauty. We’ll definitely be back!


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