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8 Beach huts you can sleep in

8 Beach huts you can sleep in
Plan a beach stay with a difference in the UK with one of these boutique beach huts—perfect for maximising your time on the sandy beach front
Ever fancied renting a cute beach hut instead of just snapping them for your Instagram feed? As cute as those little pastel-hued huts are, there’s a drawback—you probably can’t sleep in them.
They might cost up to £100 to rent out for the day, but they are usually council-owned and there are very strict rules around when you can use them. Taking a nap is reserved for sunbathing time only.
However, there are a few exceptions dotted around the country.
Here are ten beach huts in the UK that you can actually spend the night in.

Fisherman’s Huts, Whitstable

Whitstable's Fisherman's Huts offer classically coastal views of the Thames estuary
Whitstable’s Fisherman’s Huts are a real treat. They’re converted from 150-year-old fishing stores, which puts them in prime position in one of Kent’s popular seaside destinations—right in front of the working harbour and just a short walk from the centre of town.
"They’re converted from 150-year-old fishing stores"
The self-catering huts are owned by the Hotel Continental up the road and they sleep between two and four people. Grab your favourite oyster shucking pals and make a weekend of it.

Beachcroft beach hut suites, Felpham

The Beachcroft Hotel is in prime position right on the pebbled beach of Felpham, a 20-minute stroll from Bognor Regis train station. But it’s not the hotel you’re after here—it's the swanky beach hut suites over the road.
Somewhere between self-catering and a luxury hotel room, there’s a room with bunk beds for kids (with bonus buckets and spades), and two of the huts are dog friendly.
They even throw in complimentary sloe gin, and your mini fridge has a bottle of rosé in it.
Skip dinner at the rather dated hotel restaurant and opt for fish and chips on your little terrace instead. If you’d rather soak up the sun in Devon than Sussex, then the Carys Arms also has a similar beach hut suite situation.

Bournemouth Beach Lodges, Bournemouth

Bournemouth's beach was voted fifth best in Europe in the Tripadvisor awards, and how better to experience it than a beach hut sleepover?
For a step up from beach-hut-hotel-suite, head to Bournemouth to discover the row of 24 charming Beach Lodges.
Each one has its own kitchenette, so they’re ideal if you prefer to take care of your own meals while you’re away (though no oven, so light meals only). They’re dog friendly and one of the lodges is fully accessible, too.

The Boathouse, Rock in Cornwall

There are a couple of things that a beach hut needs to claim its status: direct access to the sea and a pointy roof (ideally in charming pastel shades). The Boathouse in Cornwall might be far too luxe for pastels, but you won’t mind a jot when you see the rest of it.
"Somehow balancing the double act of spacious and still quaint, it ticks all of the boxes of a modern beach hut without losing its charm"
Somehow balancing the double act of spacious and still quaint, it ticks all of the boxes of a modern beach hut without losing its charm.
The Boathouse is a short drive from the beautiful village of Rock, but it’s also completely secluded: the private bay is all yours.

Seahaar, Fife

Scotland doesn’t have an abundance of beach huts, but Seahaar is a special case.
Not only do you get direct beach access (with the hope of seeing some dolphins playing nearby if you’re lucky), but there’s a hot tub. And a fire pit, for when things get chilly.
If you like the idea of camping in theory—wilderness, stars, romance—but you still want a comfy bed, this is your ideal spot.

The Cable Hut, Pembrokeshire

One of the big draws for the beach hut is the sea view, and The Cable Hut in Pembrokeshire has a cracking one.
The only downside is that the beach is actually 400 metres away, so it’s playing fast and loose with the classic “beach hut” definition.
Still, they aren’t that common in Wales and since Pembrokshire’s jaw-dropping beauty is down to its cheek-by-jowl coast to countryside setting, we’d be more than happy to have our cake and eat it in this little hut for two.

The Wee Retreat, Norfolk

Credit: Oast House Archive and licensed for reuse under Creative Commons Licence. For a real beach getaway with a difference, try this converted Victorian toilet block
We wouldn’t usually recommend that you sleep in a public toilet, but the Wee Retreat in Norfolk has completely swayed us.
The former Victorian toilet block is now a modern beach hut that sleeps four. It’s split across two storeys and has its own little set of steps down to the sandy beach. Now we’ve discovered this little beauty, we really, really have to go.

Luttrell's Tower, Southampton

When is a hut not really a hut? When it’s a tower. But hey, if we’re going to bend the traditional beach hut rules, then we’re going to do it in style. Luttrell’s Tower is part of the historical Landmark Trust property collection and dates back to 1780.
"The tower has a secret tunnel that was used by smugglers"
Not only is it a beautiful place for four to have an adventure, the tower has a secret tunnel that was used by smugglers. Follow it—presumably with a treasure map and a scruffy dog for company—and it’ll take you straight down to the beach.
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