Music festival: get the essentials packed


1st Jan 2015 Travel

Music festival: get the essentials packed

If you’re heading to a music festival this summer you need to make sure you take the essentials. Although many major festivals have plenty of places on-site where you can buy the things that you need, most of these will be marked up at very high prices. If you take everything you might need with you, you’ll have more expendable cash with which to enjoy yourself! Here are the top things you should bring with you:


Camping items

The first thing that you need to think about is a tent. If you can chip in for a larger tent with your friends then this can be a great way of saving space and money. Don’t skimp on your tent though; ensure you have something that can stand up to high winds and rain, especially if you are at a festival in the UK! Spare pegs for your tent are also an essential, as in cramped camping sites it is all too easy to trip over a guy rope and lose a peg. You will also need a sleeping bag - go for an all-season one, even in the summer, as the nights can get cold.

Think about packing a camping stove as well as plates, knives and forks so that you can cook for yourselves and don’t have to always buy the food on-site, which can be expensive. Stock up on beans and other similar canned foods!


Clothing for all weathers

There is no guarantee that you will have good weather at a festival, and the nights are often much colder than the days, even in the height of summer. Pack comfortable outdoor clothing, such as jeans and shorts, as well as T-shirts, more underwear than you think you will need and a couple of jumpers or hoodies. A waterproof jacket will keep you warm and dry can be used to sit on wet ground if necessary.


Household basics

There are shower and toilets available at festivals, but if you can bring your own household essentials you will find it easier to stay clean and enjoy yourself. Bring as much toilet roll as you can, as well as baby wipes and dry shampoo, so you can reward yourself with a ‘tent shower’ when the smell starts to get too much. Bring plenty of hand sanitiser, as festivals can be grubby places full of germs.



If you don’t have an acceptable form of identification then you may find yourself unable to get into the festival, or buy alcohol when you are on-site, no matter how old you are. Try to take a passport or driving licence with you as your ID, as these are the only forms you can guarantee will be accepted. Most festivals now have a ‘Challenge 25’ policy, which means that if you are lucky enough to look under 25, you will be asked to produce ID.