Life begins on board your next cruise


1st Jan 2015 Travel

Life begins on board your next cruise

On a cruise, it’s all about choices. And never about effort or hassle. Simply step aboard and float away, as your luxurious abode takes you from port to port, country to country. So how will you choose to spend your days at sea? Here’s what they might look like.

1. Rise and shine


Everyone’s a morning person on a cruise. Wake up to find yourself floating blissfully somewhere out on the horizon, between vast blue skies and rolling oceans.

You’ve travelled far through the night, and each morning begins with a completely new and foreign destination calling from outside your window. What a way to start your day!


2. Breakfast of champions

full english breakfast on a cruise

But before the morning truly begins, spend some time relaxing on deck with a steaming cup of coffee and warm French pastries, taking in the incredible views and the fresh sea air.

Or head to one of the many eateries below to find a banquet fit for a king, complete with fresh fruit, omelettes, American pancakes and, of course, a full English.


3. Ease into your day

yoga on the cruise

Energise your morning with a gentle yoga class, loosening your body and mind on the open-air deck, palms stretched to the sea.

Hit the gym for an invigorating workout or take a relaxing swim that will set you up for the day. Or simply spend your morning lounging by the pool or getting lost in a book, perhaps engrossing yourself in the history, culture and legends of your next port of call.


4. Get straight to the action

get straight ot the aciton

If it’s a port day, you might prefer to head off early straight after breakfast to fit in all the sights. Maybe you have an excursion lined up, whisking you off to the heart of each destination. Dive down to the depths of the Great Barrier Reef or soar high on a jungle canopy tour.

Trek along glaciers or ride camel-back across the golden desert. Take guided tours to mountaintop monasteries, ancient marble ruins and mysterious temples. Helicopters, kayaks, gondolas or jeep—explore any way you want. Or perhaps you’d rather take it easy and just relax on soft, white beaches.

Simply whittle away the afternoon in a quaint, courtyard restaurant, working your way through the menu, chatting to locals and watching the world go by.


5. A bit of you time

a bit of time

If you spent the previous day exploring on land, a day at sea allows you to unwind, soak in the delights of ship life, and catch up on a bit of time with yours truly. Whether it's afternoon tea on the deck, a full day of spa treatments and pampering, or simply napping in the sun by the pool.

Maybe you need to add a bit of thrill and adventure with surfing and skydiving simulators? Take a cookery class with a celeb chef who usually resides inside your TV, or a tango class with dancers for the stars.

Go wine tasting and whisky tasting, listen to lectures about art and archaeology, or catch a Blockbuster in the cruise cinema. But whatever you do, don’t miss the nightly sunset show out on deck, timed perfectly alongside Happy Hour and accompanied by frolicking dolphins or flapping seals depending on where you are in the world.


6. Let’s make a night of it

sunset cruise

Once the sun has disappeared over the horizon, tune into the soundtrack of your choice, with an array of Broadway shows and cabarets, classical and rock concerts on hand.

Get lost in the galaxies of Cunard’s planetariums, or explore a frozen world in the Norwegian Breakaway Ice Bar, complete with ice sculptures and sparkling cocktails.

There are cruises with bowling lanes, ice rinks, crazy golf courses and even race tracks! And if you’ve still not had enough, after all that, cool nightclubs and chic lounges will carry the party late into the night.



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