Getting around Nottingham


2nd Jan 2020 Travel

Getting around Nottingham

Built on a number of rocky mountains on the north bank of the River Trent, the city of Nottingham located in the heart of central England, is a delightful melting pot of culture, history, exciting entertainment options, haute couture, and influence with a wide range of transport and sightseeing transport options.

Affectionately called as the "Queen of the Midlands", Nottingham is not only famous for its fabulous scenery, hugely diverse nature, historic landmarks, Sherwood Forest tales along with the local folklore of Robin Hood, and vibrant city life; but also for its top-quality academic and educational options, making it a perfect platform for aspiring students. 

Being a student-friendly city finding student accommodation in Nottingham is easy! Also, Nottingham has many popular areas, all of which offers excellent accommodation choices and are well connected with public transport like NET (Nottingham Express Transit), so travelling around the city is not difficult at all.

Getting around the city 

Nottingham has a wide range of transport and sightseeing transport options.

You can either explore the city on a bicycle or take a bus, car or train. So no matter whichever mode of transport you opt for, you will never be short of options for getting around the city. 

Travel by train

Placed right in the heart of the country, Nottingham has a wide and extensive range of train services spread in and around the city. Students can opt for a short hassle-free train journey from the university to the city centre and further away. The East Midlands Trains connect the Worksop in the north of Nottinghamshire with the Newark in the east of the country to Creswell Crags and Newstead Abbey. The Cross Country Trains and East Coast trains also has several stops around the Nottinghamshire towns. Plus, the Northern Rail offers direct train services to Nottingham from Barnsley, London, Sheffield, Chesterfield and Leeds.

Ticket Office: 

Monday-Saturday 05:00-22:00 

Sunday 07:15-22:20 

Getting a bus

Planning to spend your week off shopping around the city? You will never be short of buses to get you around. Nottingham City Transport (NCT) and Trentbarton are the two major companies that operate buses in Nottingham. So, just get into one of the many buses that ply to/from the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University. Furthermore, the University of Nottingham also operates a free hopper bus service to and from the University Park campus, Jubilee Campuses, and Sutton Bonnington Campuses, making it easier for the students staying in the accommodation near the University of Nottingham to travel in and around the city. 

Students can also purchase the Robin Hood student academic year or season pass, which offers massive discounts for the university students and can be used to travel across both trams and buses. 

Hop on a tram

Want to explore the touristy places in Nottingham or simply want to get around the city, just hop onto one of the city's reliable tram service. One of the best, simple and affordable way to travel, Nottingham Express Transit (NET) operates a direct connection to Nottingham's major shopping, leisure and tourist attractions. With about 5 stops in the city centre itself, the NET trams also travel as far as Clifton and Hucknell.

The tickets for the NET trams can be bought from the NET shop in the city centre or at ​tram stops​ which accepts both cash as well as card payments. You can also enjoy unlimited travel, including evenings and weekends, all you have to do is make a one-off payment! To make a payment, head to the Old Market Square- travel centre or pay online at thetram.net. However, remember that to avail the student season pass, you must be a full-time student with valid student ID and should be able to provide an academic email address.  

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