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Food and Wine Vacations By Yacht: Living the Epicurean Dream


16th Nov 2018 Travel

If you identify as a foodie, new food and wine experiences are likely one of your favourite parts of travelling. After all, every country brings a new array of delicious dishes to sample and sun-kissed grapes to try. However, flying between different countries can get exhausting, putting something of a damper on typical food and wine vacations.

If you’re looking for a new method of culinary exploration, look no further than yachting. Often depicted as something only the super-elite can enjoy, yacht holidays actually have a lot to offer to epicureans. As you float down the French Riviera, the Amalfi Coast, or through the blissful tropical islands of the Caribbean, you’ll experience a gourmet journey like no other; Michelin star restaurants, world-class wineries, and secret local haunts await. And with many restaurants accessible by yacht , you’ll barely have to step foot off the vessel to taste the cuisine of your latest destination.

When you return to the yacht, your decadent foodie holiday continues, courtesy of your personal onboard chef. Expect lavish breakfasts on deck, fresh juices and smoothies, and long rosé lunches of grilled lobster and lemon sole washed down with a crisp glass of Sancerre. Freshly baked cakes that arrive by your deckchair for afternoon tea, before sunset canapes and cocktails on the aft deck. Dinner is the most elaborate affair of all, served at a beautifully-dressed moonlit table.


On a luxury yacht charter you get to savour incredible gourmet meals from the boat’s private chef, made with fresh ingredients sourced from coastal markets and seafood pulled straight from the sea. You also get the opportunity to experience the cuisines of so many different regions and cities, all from the comfort of an opulent home-on-the-water. Here’s what you can look forward to.

Personally-tailored food and wine vacations

The level of gourmet personalisation on a luxury yacht charter cannot be matched by any other foodie holiday. Your charter itinerary will be specially crafted to stop at all of your favourite culinary hotspots, with a crew onboard who can get you a table at any establishment you choose.


Your broker will also communicate your foodie preferences to the chef weeks before your arrival, allowing them to stock the kitchen and plan a flexible menu in accordance with your favourite cuisines. It can be difficult to get the best from an epicurean escape when you have specific allergies or dietary requirements. However, yacht chefs are well-accustomed to special diets and allergies, allowing them to tailor multiple menus and options for different members of your group.

There is enormous flexibility in the yacht charter dining experience. After breakfast, the chef will come and speak to guests to present options for the menu that day. This is your chance to make any special requests, which the chef will always endeavour to fulfil. If plans change – perhaps an impromptu lunch for extra guests or a midnight snack request – the chef will take this all in their stride.

Your favourite dishes delivered straight to the yacht

Although it is always exciting to try new things when travelling, once in a while you might find yourself craving some home comforts, or even something entirely different to what’s available in the region - let’s say sushi when in rural Greece. Luckily, this is never a problem when travelling by yacht. If the place you’re visiting doesn’t offer the desired dish or stock your favourite vintage, the yacht’s captain and broker will simply organise for the product to be flown in to meet the yacht– whether that’s Alaskan King Crab, richly marbled Kobe Wagyu beef from Japan, or a rare bottle of Chateau Lafite. Such is the versatility of food and wine vacations by boat.

A local’s knowledge of eateries

Your yacht crew come armed with an expert knowledge of every area. From eating jerk chicken straight off the grill at a ‘Jump Up’ street party in St Lucia to sampling fresh ceviche in the Bahamas; from enjoying an eight-course tasting menu at a Michelin-Star establishment to finding incredible tapas joints known only by locals; you’ll get the best possible gastronomic experience wherever you go, knowing to avoid those ‘tourist trap’ restaurants and discover the true gems.

The opportunity to get hands-on

You can also choose to try your hand at cooking these incredible dishes, with private masterclasses from the yacht’s chef and food-shopping trips to the bustling local markets on offer. Alternatively, you might prefer to learn how to make delicacies from the locals, heading ashore to a Tuscan villa where an Italian matriarch shows you the art of pasta-making, or taking a chocolatiers workshop on the French Riviera. Your yacht crew will arrange all this for you, researching the very best in the area.

Welcome to foodie heaven

Whether fine dining or rustic authenticity is your thing, a gourmet yachting holiday has so much to offer; the chance to taste different local cuisines every day, as you tour the world on a luxury on-the-water home. These charter escapes provide so much more than any other foodie holiday can. That’s why if you’re considering food and wine vacations, a yacht charter should be high up on your list!

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