Advice when flying to Israel

flight to Israel is one that is worth taking because the country itself is beautifully unique and full of contrasts. However, if you have never travelled to Israel before, moving in and out of the country can be a daunting task. The state takes its airline security very cautiously, so we have put together some advice and information for making your trip into and out of Israel as swift as possible.

     1.      Requirements and Restrictions

Before you book a flight, check to see if there are travel restrictions or visa requirements that will affect your trip. Visiting other Middle-Eastern nations from Israel can be tricky. The only Middle-Eastern countries you can fly directly from Israel are Turkey, Jordan, and Egypt. 

  1.    Passports

Examine your passports for stamps from other Middle-Eastern nations, as these may raise alarm bells when you arrive at the airport. As a result, your transit through immigration may end up being delayed. Israeli border control does not stamp passports because they may cause issues when visiting other nations. Instead, travellers are given a paper Visa that should be maintained throughout the trip. This must be showcased at car rental agencies and hotels as evidence of your tourist status. You may be charged non-refundable VAT if you fail to present the paper Visa.

  1. Time

When leaving Israel, make sure you leave plenty of spare time. This is because airport security in the country can be time-consuming and complicated. Travelers are advised to arrive at the airport with 3 hours to spare before an international exit. However, you do not have to get bored during this period. For example, if you are in Ben-Guiron Airport, you can visit Aroma Café to enjoy some sandwiches and salads among others. Most of the products in Israel are duty free with fast service and friendly staff.

  1. Security

The inspection process is very organised and the airport security personnel are very helpful and nice. Security takes place in two phases:

  • You will have to go through initial security before the flight check. Massive queues are the norm at this juncture, as you will be asked many questions concerning your visit while your bags are scanned. Israeli security personnel are friendly and polite but have no interest in how late you are or when your flight is departing. This is not their responsibility; it is yours. You are likely to be asked to explain certain items and open your luggage. This is non-negotiable. 
  • Immediately after you check-in, you will then be subjected to the next phase of security. This involves checking your hand luggage in a similar comprehensive manner. Again, be ready to explain any items that you have carried with you in your luggage. 

To summarise - it's best to arrive early at the airport, be courteous, be polite, relax, and follow the procedure. A flight to Israel especially from the United States, Australia, or South Africa is very long and it is better to have a good flight. 

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