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Essentials for a self-catering holiday

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31st Mar 2019 Travel

Essentials for a self-catering holiday
It’s no surprise that self-catering holidays are on the rise, with Airbnb now worth an estimated $38 billion, many travellers are ditching the traditional all-inclusive hotels in search for a stay that’s a little more unique. Not only this, but dietary requirements can play a big part in your holiday plans. 
If you’re gluten-free, vegan or coeliac you might struggle at the hotel buffet and find that you actually waste money on food you can’t enjoy. Self-catering holidays give you the freedom to eat what you want, when you want and can save you money too.
Are you embarking on a self-catering holiday? Want to make sure you’re fully prepared? Have a read of these top tips for a stress-free break.

Pack the essentials

If you’re holidaying in your own country or driving somewhere new, it may be feasible for you to pack your own daily essentials. This will save you time when you reach your destination and also ensure you have your favourite tea bags with you. 
If you’re heading off on a staycation, bring a few of your cleaning essentials from home to save money. Anti-bac wipes, bin bags and a handful of dishwasher tablets are worth packing up into a bag - along with a few loo rolls. 

Head to a local market

If you’re holidaying abroad, try and think like a local. Supermarkets in central areas can be tourist traps, and you’ll often find prices are inflated. Instead, try and seek out any nearby markets where you can pick up cheaper (and often tastier!) local produce such as fresh vegetables, fruit, cheese and bread. Not only will you pick up some great food, but it’s also a fun experience too. Just remember to pack a reusable tote bag to bring your goods home in.

Hire a car

If you’ve booked a self-catering stay, you might find that you’re staying in a more residential area and a car might be essential for your trip. It will also come in handy for visiting any cheaper out-of-town supermarkets, as well as the local food markets. If you do decide to hire a car, make sure you use an online comparison service before you go to ensure you bag the best deal of possible. 

Arrive with currency 

We’re often so used to tapping our cards for contactless purchases that we often forget that cash does still exist. Not only this, it’s still widely used and preferred in different cultures. If you’ve booked a self-catering stay, make sure you bring local currency with you just in case. It will come particularly in handy if you do head to any markets or small locally-owned shops.

Enjoy a night out

Self-catering is a great way of saving money, making your travels more affordable and flexible too, but don’t forget to treat yourself. Plan a night out and visit a fantastic local restaurant, check out travel blogs online for some helpful recommendations and try to avoid the tourist areas as the food tends to be quite average, but with a hefty price tag. Don’t be scared to go off the beaten path a little, you might find a hidden gem. 
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