Entertainment on board: the weirdest cruise entertainment


1st Jan 2015 Travel

Entertainment on board: the weirdest cruise entertainment

Cruise ship entertainment can be lavish and varied; from masquerade balls and performances by the stars of Strictly Come Dancing, to samba dancing and acrobatics displays. But some cruise lines offer very unusual entertainments to cater to niche interests. Here are some of the weirder examples:

Knitting cruise

Cruisers aboard this woolcraft-themed ship can enjoy lots of knitting and crochet crafts, as well as visits to yarn shops when the ship is at port. There's also the opportunity to try crafts such as handspinning or beading as part of a range of crafting classes. Trips ashore are also craft-themed: on the Japan knitting cruise, holidaymakers can enjoy a visit to the local textile museum and knitting school. 

Whilst it may seem an unusual theme for a cruise holiday, knitting is an immensely popular and relaxing hobby and this cruise lets knitters of all ages advance their skills by taking stitch craft classes or learning new lace stitches whilst seeing the world. 


Swinging ships

Swinging ships are now so popular that there are several cruises on offer year round catering to the adventurous couple. Among the events on offer are trips to nude beaches in the Caribbean, beginners bondage classes, fetish and toga nights, and naked pool parties. Entertainment at sea doesn't get more open-minded than this.


Heavy metal

Cruises may have a reputation for genteel entertainment but don't be fooled - there's plenty of life aboard still. Cruisers aboard the annual '700000 Tons of Metal' cruise can enjoy their favourite metal bands, bars that never close and karaoke until dawn. It's an amazing party ship for the heavy metal enthusiast, with a thriving group on Facebook.


Running Cruise

We thought people went on a cruise to relax - but we were wrong! Activity fans can still carry on with their running schedule whilst enjoying a cruise, with a Caribbean running vacation. Holiday makers get the chance to enjoy scenic runs once the ship is at port on various beautiful Caribbean islands. As part of the wider themed active lifestyle cruise, there are also talks on things such as nutrition and strength training. A great break for those training for a marathon!


Elvis aboard!

We love this one! A themed cruise for fans of Elvis and his music which offers the chance to see Graceland, the jazz and blues scene of New Orleans and also cruise around the Caribbean. Cruisers can expect plenty of Elvis-themed events aboard as well as the company of other fans of The King.


Cruise Trek

Fans of the cult TV series Star Trek can enjoy a Trekkers convention and a cruising holiday all rolled into one aboard Cruise Trek. The ship is taken over by Star Trek fans, with lots of opportunities to dress as your favourite character or alien species. These themed holidays have been running since 1992 and many of the original actors have joined cruisers aboard ship to offer their own insights into the series. There are also opportunities to visit sights such as Peru's Machu Picchu… Klingon dress is optional.