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Ensuring you secure the best accommodation for your trip


20th Oct 2019 Travel

Ensuring you secure the best accommodation for your trip

Travelling is a staple of modern life, whether for business or leisure. Ensuring an excellent experience is often outside of our own control, given that we are required to place trust in organisations or services that are unfamiliar to us. 

Accommodation can prove the most decisive factor in whether any occasion has been a success; we all desire the comfort of home but with the exciting prospect of somewhere (or something) we don’t experience day-to-day.

Knowing which advice to trust on which hotels are excellent is tricky – but thankfully Grand Luxury Hotels provide a service which lets you discover exclusive experiences.

Towards the end of 2007, siblings Rouslan and Ivan Lartisien saw a gap in the market. They wanted to understand and cater clients’ needs and desires when travelling, particularly those high-end individuals; eleven years later, this has remained their philosophy for the business. 

Duo couleur1.jpg
"Their offer of “Le Club” membership comprises an exclusive demographic who yearn for the very best hotels on offer"

By offering a bespoke service which handles personal preference directly, Grand Luxury Hotels has amassed a loyal client base who return again and again because they trust in the guarantee of excellence now synonymous with the service. Their offer of “Le Club” membership comprises an exclusive demographic who yearn for the very best hotels on offer. The tailor-made service is a rarity in this industry and is a testament to the commitment to consumer experience.

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Grand Luxury Hotels boast all the means to create the perfect travel experience: supreme service, hotels with proven pedigree and a wealth of unique benefits. In a market that has seldom changed in the last decade, the Lartisien siblings (r)evolution in the travel sector is the most momentous change in years. Often, though, people don’t know exactly what they want when they first begin to research travel. Of course, a business meeting has an allotted location from early on, but a personal visit can become last-minute. Considering this reality, Grand Luxury Hotels believe personalisation is central to their consumer experience and offer a variety of options for you to consider before you make your decision.

Capella Ubud.jpg

Grand Luxury Hotels are now the second largest arrangement service in a multitude of cities – European and global. Every single customer, upon reservation, will be allocated a travel advisor who is dedicated to their every request. During the process of becoming familiar with the client, the advisor can cater directly for specific preferences – in whatever aspect of the trip that the client deems important to them. Perhaps a frequent traveller will wonder why they, given their experience and confidence in travelling, would need to consider this service; Grand Luxury Hotels’ service removes the difficulty of bringing new destinations up to speed with your requirements, as it will be taken care of upon arrival.

You can make your reservation assured in the fact that only five-star, luxurious establishments are allowed on the site. Only the utmost quality is considered good enough for a premium service, with discerning clients. As for the benefits that customers can expect, daily breakfast, upgrade to the next category of room/suite, and credit for your hotel to incentivise you to use the onsite facilities. Wherever you need to travel, make it the best experience it can possibly be by using Grand Luxury Hotels.

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