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cruise club

You know your adventure has finally begun once the shore fades away into the distance. Soon you’ll be winding your way through Florence’s cobbled streets… or across the frosted Canadian tundra, or maybe the palm-lined Caribbean sands.

You’ll kick back in your sun lounger, sighing contently because you simply know it all. Because you chose it all, when you became a member of Reader’s Digest Cruise Club, joining a group of travellers carving their own path in the world.

But this dream getaway isn’t to be found in your latest travel brochure. Fixed itineraries, rigid travel routes and limited options—one after another—all dictate where you should go and how you should get there. True travel is so much more. There’s a whole world just waiting to be discovered. And there are more ways of getting there than you ever imagined.


Where will the sea take you?

cruise club

As a Cruise Club member, you’ll get free, exclusive access to a range of destinations, landmarks and excursion combinations you didn’t know were possible. You’ll even get your very own personal cruise consultant to guide you in designing your dream trip via a dedicated phone number in their UK office. 

Be the very first to get the latest offers, exclusive discounts, competitions and giveaways with all the leading cruise liners. And when you go to book your bespoke Fusion Package cruise, you’ll even get a range of exclusive, discounted extras thrown in, from airport parking and transfers to shore excursions and travel insurance.


Save money while you travel 

But most exciting of all: when you place a booking as a Cruise Club member, you’re automatically entered into our exclusive Loyalty Scheme, where you can get up to £50 off each new cruise booking.

Travel far and take every chance in life, because some things only happen once. Cruise Club is one of them.


Win a luxury cruise

win a luxury cruise

Sign up for free to the new Reader’s Digest Cruise Club for a chance to win a luxury cruise for two! 

The lucky winner will experience a luxury cruise packed with sunshine, food, relaxation, entertainment and culture, taking in some of the finest historic ports and cities in the world. 

You’ll be treated to: 

  • Luxurious and comfortable accommodation
  • Sumptuous cuisines on a full-board basis
  • Explore and experience some of the most beautiful and historic ports and cities in the world
  • World-class evening entertainment 
  • Use of all onboard relaxation facilities
  • On board for up to seven days  


Sign up below for your chance to win, or call us on 01903 389066