Best destinations for an electric road trip


17th Oct 2019 Travel

Best destinations for an electric road trip

The world is filled with some truly remarkable destinations and road trips are the perfect way to see multiple locations in one carefully planned route. If you’re an EV driver, you may be concerned that you’ll be caught out in an area where there are no charging stations but with these destinations, you needn’t fear. According to new research from Compare The Market, these are some of the best EV-friendly road trip routes in the world.

Chicago to Los Angeles

The journey from Chicago to Los Angeles is one that’s packed with interesting and unique sights, attractions and locations. The route passes through Iowa, Denver, Colorado, Utah and Las Vegas, finishing up in the sun-kissed city of Los Angeles. This road trip covers a massive distance of 2,015 miles and takes over 29 hours to complete, but it’s a spectacular and memorable drive. The average electric vehicle will need to stop nine times along this journey to recharge, but there are 250 charging locations along the way. 

Calgary to Vancouver

The distance between Calgary and Vancouver covers 604 miles, taking in the likes of Mount Temple, Glacier National Park and Burnaby along the way. This road trip takes 10 hours 30 minutes to complete from start to finish and requires three charges – there are 201 charging locations throughout this route though, providing plenty of stopping points for plug-in car drivers. 

Sevilla to Malaga

Spain is a beautiful country to explore by road, providing drivers with stunning vistas and sunny towns and cities to discover. The route from Sevilla to Malaga is 127 miles long but it can be completed in a relatively short space of time, taking less than 2 hours 30 minutes. EV drivers will only need to stop to charge once along this distance but there are 20 charging locations to pick from, as well as sights such as Osuna and Agadulce to stop off at. 

Edinburgh to Inverness

Scotland is well-known for being a scenic destination and it’s a great choice for a road trip. In particular, the journey from Edinburgh to Inverness is wonderful and provides the opportunity to stop off at Loch Leven, Perth, Tay Forest Park and Kingussie along the way as well. This drive is 156 miles long and takes just over three hours to complete – there are 55 charging locations, but drivers should only need to recharge once along the way. 

Bordeaux to Marseille

If you’re looking for a French road trip, the drive from Bordeaux to Marseille promises a memorable voyage. The route spans 401 miles and takes just over six hours to finish, with EV drivers needing to factor in two stops along the way to recharge. The choice of where to do so, however, is up to personal preference as there are an impressive 115 charging locations throughout this route. The Bordeaux to Marseille drive also offers the chance to explore some more of France’s towns, cities and attractions, including Toulouse, Garonne and Carcassonne. 

Cape Town to Port Elizabeth

South Africa is a breath-taking part of the world with a wealth of exciting locations to explore. Kicking off in Cape Town, the route to Port Elizabeth is ideally suited to electric vehicle users as it provides 10 charging locations along the way and requires just two recharges to complete. This route covers a distance of 465 miles and takes eight hours 10 minutes to finish, with Kynsna, Mossel Bay and Swellendam to explore en route as well. 

Osaka to Tokyo

Japan is a surprisingly wonderful place to take a road trip and the journey from Osaka to Tokyo is great for EV drivers, with highlights including Kanagawa, Mount Asama and Kyoto. It spans 307 miles and can be driven in just over six hours with just one recharge, providing 250 possible charging locations for plug-in car drivers to make use of.

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