An insider look at 2017’s hottest world cruises


1st Jan 2015 Travel

An insider look at 2017’s hottest world cruises

As 2016 draws to a close, MSC Cruises delights travellers by announcing the launch of their first-ever world cruise, combining 49 unique destinations and six continents on the voyage of a life-time. To celebrate, we’re spending the afternoon with our travel partners Fusion Cruises.

1. Slow down and discover the world

alaska fjord

In today’s fast-paced world, there’s an increasing desire to slow things down and experience the world around us. It’s no surprise that with it, an appetite for longer world cruises and more immersive “grand voyages” has grown.

 A world cruise is one of life’s ultimate travel experiences. Guests on a world cruise need only unpack their luggage once, then sit back in their sun lounger as the whole, wide world comes to their doorstep.  

Next year, there are more world cruise variations, routes and itineraries out at sea than you could possibly imagine. Take your pick and wake up each morning to a new destination glistening on the horizon and a whole new world of possibilities at each port. 

From the history and culture of Paris and Rome to the sleek cosmopolitan vibe of Los Angeles and New York, the glistening glaciers of Iceland to the soaring fjords of Alaska (pictured above), the Caribbean’s white sands to ancient Inca ruins—the world is yours for the taking.


2. Full-blown, world tour

Namibia’s Walvis Bay
A flamingo stretches its wings in Namibia’s Walvis Bay

The ultimate world cruise itineraries offer a full-circumnavigation experience, i.e. they take you around the entire globe and back again. Typically lasting between 100-125 days, they indulge to the fullest in the relaxed, unhurried pace of this traditional mode of travel.

In fact, next year will welcome in the longest world cruise ever to exist: Oceania’s 180-day, 94-port expedition. With an itinerary that stretches from Miami to Barcelona, Burma to Sydney, we can see why 13 of its 16 available cabin options are already waiting list only.

Its guests are in for a treat, with some rare and unique sights. Think sand dunes in Namibia’s Walvis Bay and elegant temples of Bagan. Cunard, P&O and Fred Olsen also offer a variety of full-circumnavigation, full-blown voyages too.


3. Getting specific


Most world cruises are also sold in pieces or “segments” for those looking for the grand experience without the extended timeframe. These special expeditions are shorter than the full world trip, but are still longer than most standard itineraries and focus on specific parts of the world. 

While there are a huge array of segment options available, the destination trends for 2017 are focusing around Australasia and South America. There is so much flexibility available to travellers on these segmented expeditions. Travellers pick and choose the regions they want to explore, and then skip the segments in between, either flying home or venturing away and inland at a specific destination.

They can then re-join the cruise adventure at any stage, in any port around the world.


4. Mix it up


It’s never too early to start planning such a far-reaching and extensive world tour. Which means that the announcement of Crystal Cruises’ 2018 extravagantly exciting, first-ever ship exchange comes at the perfect time!

On this unique world cruise, guests will begin their world journey on one grand ship (Crystal Symphony) and return home on another (Crystal Serenity).

The two ships will meet in Sydney (above), on 17 February 2018 during a landmark world cruise Gala, where guests will move from one to the next to embark on a new leg of their journey.

The first leg will venture around South Africa and through Australia, while the second heads further out into the horizon towards Asia, India, Egypt, the Holy Lands and Italy.


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