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A Quirky Guide to the U.S.A.


1st Jan 2015 Travel

A Quirky Guide to the U.S.A.

Want to see the states but don't want to follow the tourists? Then take our rather unusual guide to the USA.

See Four States At Once

For an unlikely selfie, visit the Four Corners Monument, the only point in the United States where four states converge. Some 250,000 visitors travel annually to the bronze disk landmark near Teec Nos Pos,

Arizona, which is surrounded by seals and flags that honour the spot where Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet.


Enjoy The World’s Largest Stamp Ball

Weighing in at 600 pounds and measuring 32 inches in diameter, this massive ball of stamps (and spit) is the work of the Boys Town Stamp Collecting Club. Currently on display at the Leon Myers Stamp Centre in Boys Town, Nebraska, the ball was constructed in the 1950s and is composed of approximately 4,655,000 postage stamps.


Visit America’s Stonehenge

The origins of this man-made Salem, New Hampshire, rock maze—considered the oldest in North America—are as mysterious as its design, which dates back some 4,000 years. Like Stonehenge in England, America’s Stonehenge is an accurate astronomical calendar that can still be used to determine annual solar and lunar events.


Walk The Mason-Dixon Line

While the battle between the North and South is long over, the iconic Civil War demarcation survives. In 1763, acclaimed English surveyors Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon were hired to solve a property-line feud between two families. The men set stone markers every mile to form the longest linear survey ever attempted by mankind, using the stars to chart their path. Some 250 years later, their work remains along borders separating Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.


Sail The Lost Sea

America’s largest underground lake is tucked away beneath Tennessee, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. After you tour the caves 140 feet below ground, hop into a glass-bottom boat to float across the Lost Sea and spot large collections of wild-looking cave formations and 20,000-year-old jaguar tracks.


Journey As Far South As You Can

Roughly one million visitors a year travel to a painted concrete buoy erected in 1983 at the corner of South and Whitehead streets in Key West, Florida. The reason: It marks the southernmost point of the continental United States. Snap a photo and then soak in the stunning ocean view that’s just 90 miles from Cuba.

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