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A guide to the perfect American road trip


21st Jul 2019 Travel

A guide to the perfect American road trip

The perfect American road trip is difficult to perfectly plan out. Not only are there a number of rest stops to plan, but flights, car hire, and Esta Visa applications all need to be planned beforehand in order for you to travel around the US. In this article, we give you a quick look into the steps to take towards the perfect road trip. 

Plan Your Route Wisely 

Before heading out on your road trip, it is important to plan your route wisely. Whether this is planning waypoints on your GPS or plotting them on the map, this will help to plan out every step and ensure you know where you are at every point. Once you have planned out the locations you can then begin to look at what is available for you to do  to ensure that you are timing your spots around popular tourist attractions.

Pick Your Perfect Playlist

Once you have planned the route, why not begin compiling a playlist. If you are travelling with a group of mates or even family members it is important to ensure that the music is a combination of what everyone wants as this will help to keep the fun going and pass the hours. With classics such as AC/DC Highway To Hell as well Life Is A Highway By Rascal Flats you can have the perfect playlist to keep the excitement at maximum the whole time you are driving. Once it has been created, put it on shuffle and enjoy your time on the open road. 

Stick To The Limits 

Though it may seem tempting to cruise down the open road at whatever speed you want, it is important to stick to the limits, particularly if you rent a car. This can lead to a vast number of hidden charges and speeding tickets that can dampen the mood of your trip. By sticking to the speed limits on the open road, you are likely to get to your next stop in plenty of time whilst saving fuel throughout the course of your trip. This is due to speeding resulting in you filling up more frequently and thus dipping into your spending money. 

Plan Your Stops 

If you are looking to visit specific landmarks, you will need to book your accommodation in advance. This will not only help to reduce the price but will ensure that you are a short distance from the landmarks you wish to see. Though the price of the accommodation is completely dependant on the number of days you are looking to stay, you can find yourself outstanding deals whether you are alone or with your family. Using booking sites online can help you to achieve this as they can be booked at the same time as planning your route to ensure that everything is in order. 

Whether you are looking to plan a last-minute road trip or are looking ahead to next year, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible road trip when using these simple tips and tricks. Where will you start? 

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