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7 Tips for a winter travel adventure


1st Jan 2015 Travel

7 Tips for a winter travel adventure

The popularity of winter travel is booming, so here are some tips to ensure you enjoy a wonderful winter break, wherever you’re headed.

1. Go as Direct as Possible

If you are heading out of the UK by plane, keep your travel arrangements as simple and as direct as possible. If you can book a direct, non-stop flight, do it to guarantee you aren’t stuck in between flights or miss a connection due to delays.


2. Stay Informed

Modern technology has made travelling more fun and much easier, mainly because it allows you to stay informed at all times. It is a great idea to download apps such as FlightTrack (for knowing if your flights are on time), WeatherPro (for checking if weather is about to cause travel chaos) and TravelSafe Pro (for all those essential emergency numbers) to ensure you stay on top of anything that might affect your trip.


3. Prepare for the Worst

It is always a good idea to prepare for things going wrong. Whether you are flying to your holiday or driving to your destination, you want to be prepared for a delay. Always pack a few snacks in your hand luggage or compartment together with a bottle of water. If you are driving, you should also have a few blankets just in case you need to wait for a rescue car in a snowstorm.


4. Use Compression Bags

Plenty of people utilise compression bags at home, but you can even put them to use while you travel. If you are travelling to a skiing holiday, you’ll have to pack a lot of jumpers and woolly shirts, which can end up taking a lot of space in the bag. With a compression bag, you can carry a lot more items and stay warm during your adventure!


5. Book at the Right Time

If you are looking for a cheap winter holiday, you need to book your trip three to eight weeks before travel. For cheaper ski holidays, last minute deals can find some amazing savings or you might want to book your trip well in advance of the season.

Furthermore, if you want to avoid the chaos, you should consider booking morning flights.


6. Bring the Sun Cream

No matter what your destination is going to be, you’ll still need to pack the sun cream in winter. The winter sun can be quite bright even in the northern hemisphere, and owing to the sometimes cooler temperatures many don’t realise how much of the sun they are catching.

Obviously, if you head to the southern hemisphere you know it’s summer there, so the usual rules apply.


7. Have a Plan B

If you’re heading on what many would call a traditional winter holiday to a ski resort or somewhere similar, it’s often worth having a back-up plan, especially for your first night. Know where a good hotel or hostel is located in case icy roads are too dangerous or closed, and know what’s around the airport if you’re likely to end up staying close by.

Whether you’re heading off on a winter sun holiday or opting for adrenaline fuelled skiing and other adventure trips, keep these tips in mind for a holiday as fun as you want it to be.

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