6 tips for the solo female traveling to Jakarta Indonesia

If you’ve ever lived or traveled to Indonesia, you'll know that there are numerous places to visit. These include Riau, Bandung, Flores, Jakarta, and Ubud. In this post, we shall focus on traveling to Jakarta Indonesia as a solo female traveller. While not everyone loves traveling alone, solo travel can be fun and exciting. 

Travelling solo can create many excellent memories and allow you to discover magnificent places, as well as helping you become more independent. Further more, solo travel can lead you to meeting many inspiring people and making lots of new friends along the way.

If you’re a female and planning to travel alone, here are tips to help you make it through safely. 

  1. Preparation is Vital

Sit down and search for your preferred destination in Jakarta. Research extensively and read reviews about places you plan to visit or stay. Read about the available accommodation options. Are there safe hotels within the region for you as a solo traveler? Read about the customs, traditions, and religion within the area. 

The information you gather should help you come into a conclusion on various matters such as dress code and behavior. Remember, Jakarta and the larger Indonesia region is a diverse Island. You’ll, therefore, have the opportunity to explore diverse cultures and traditions while visiting. At this point, you’ll also want to establish the best hotel central Jakarta for you depending on your budget.

  1. Choose Gems as Opposed to Jewelry

Jakarta is a land of great people, hidden treasures, and excellent experiences. If you need to purchase good quality accessories in Jakarta, you could find excellent jewelry made by residents in Jakarta and Indonesia. These are not only affordable, but they’re also unique. Shopping within the Jakarta locality is one of the best ways of supporting local artisans. 

  1. Discuss Your Travel Plans

Discussing your travel plans with your friends and family is a great idea. This way, your loved ones will gather as much information about your location as possible. As a result, they’ll know how to assist in the event of an emergency while you’re away. Ensure your family knows the specific contact number they can use to reach you while you’re away. You can get Indonesian Sim cards at affordable prices immediately you land in Jakarta. 

  1. Have Copies of Your Documents

Having copies of your documents either in hard or soft copy is another great idea. If anything unfortunate happens, you can have easy access to your documents from any part of the world. The best option would be to save copies of your driver’s license, passport, and travel insurance saved in your email. 

  1. Beware of who you Ask for Help

 If you’re new in Jakarta, you’ll need to ask for help in one way or another. There are some considerations you’ll need to make while doing so, however. First, many Jakarta residents don’t understand English and this could result in misunderstandings. 

Still, the residents are friendly and helpful. As a solo female traveler, it would be wise to ask for help from women. Further, avoid accepting free transportation or other freebies along the street. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t interact with people. Rather, you should be cautious while doing so. 

  1. Avoid Packing Items You Won’t Need

Many women will pack multiple things, many of which they won’t need. This is true, especially for accessories, shoes, and clothing. To avoid packing items you’ll hardly use while holidaying in Jakarta, you want to evaluate the places you plan to visit. Check the weather predictions and analyze the activities you plan on engaging in. 

Remember, the smaller your luggage, the more independent you’ll feel. If you’re afraid of having to do your laundry while in Jakarta, you may find some comfort in knowing that you can access affordable and fast laundry services in Jakarta. 


There are many advantages of going on a solo travel escapade. However, you need to take good care of yourself to ensure you remain fit for the entire vacation period. Check out any vaccinations you may need before traveling and get them. Be cautious about what you order in the hotels and ensure that it’s clean. If you have to sample street food, assess it well for cleanliness. Don’t forget to pack your medicine especially if you’re under medication. 

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