5 Places cat lovers must visit


1st Jan 2015 Travel

5 Places cat lovers must visit

From Cat Cafés to islands where cats outnumber humans. If you're a cat lover, you'd be crazy not to visit these places.

Cat Cafe, Edinburgh

Inspired by the success of similar establishments in Japan and New York, Maison de Moggy opened earlier this year in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. The pop-up venture is due to shut up shop in spring, but not worry, they will be popping up again, keep checking their website here and book your trip to Scotland quickly, and head over for a cup of tea and cuddle with the dozen or so French-named cats. Trés bon. 

Can't make it to Edinburgh? Try Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium in East London.


Cat Island, Bahamas

Apparently named after the famous pirate and friend of Blackbeard, Aurther Catt (who perhaps took his name from the shape of the island...), Cat Island is a 150 square miles of tropical paradise in the Bahamas and was the childhood home of Academy Award-winning actor and director Sidney Poitier. (Just in case you can't spot it, it's the lil island at the bottom right.


Cat Island, Japan

An altogether different sort of Cat Island, Aoshima is a mile-long fishing community in southern Japan. With just 22 people living on the island, the cats who were originally introduced to cull the masses mice, now outnumber residents by around ten ginger cuties per head! And if you’re going to head out there like so many of Japan’s mainlanders do, you may aswell squeeze in a trip to Tashirojima, the countries second Cat Island with a slighter larger crowd of humans you’ll be pleased to hear.


The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel, Dewsbury

While you are away adventuring in one of the world’s numerous Cat Islands, why not book a few nights stay for your beloved feline at The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel. The Yorkshire cattery will ensure your pet is fully pampered and entertained with a la carte menus, massages and four poster cat-beds all for £15 per night. Swish.


Furry Rides

If you have pet separation anxiety and simply cannot bear to travel without your pussy (or have your pussy travel without you) then fear not! There are a number of ferry operators that are approved pet carriers under the government's Pet Travel Scheme. You might not get as far as the Bahamas, but the whole family will be together. Awww.

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