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5 Best places to stay for families


1st Jan 2015 Travel

5 Best places to stay for families

It’s easy to opt for a package holiday when considering a family vacation. But if your family craves a little more exploration, here are 5 great suggestions.

When you're on holiday with the family, it is often easy and stress-free to go somewhere where everything is close to you, allowing you to get as much of a holiday experience without having to worry about travelling long distances with little ones. This is why taking a holiday in a city is probably the best way for you to get the most out of your break with the least hassle. Here are five of the best cities in the world to explore with your family:

San Diego, US


San Diego offers a range of things to do to suit the needs of any family. Whilst the city has plenty of attractions, the beach is also within easy reach, offering a varied range of activities to keep kids amused for longer. For the really adventurous, mountain ranges and desert areas are also fairly close by. There is a well-organised public transport system and the climate is fairly mild all year round, so there's no extreme weather to deal with.

Isle of Wight, UK


The Isle of Wight offers a traditional British beach holiday environment for families with smaller children and is ideal for those with babies and toddlers in tow. There are things to see and do which don’t require too much thinking, such as the Needles, a rock formation on the furthermost part of the island. The Isle of Wight also contains some of the most beautiful beaches in the UK. Many hotels are family friendly, and although it is best to travel by car, there is plenty of public transport to get around on.

Helsinki, Finland


There are lots of family attractions and events in Helsinki, making it an ideal place to enjoy a family holiday all year round. Arts and education are a big part of the Helsinki cultural scene and children are invited to join in, with many attractions geared at smaller children. Helsinki Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the world and has a variety of exotic animals on show, whilst there are family friendly festivals throughout the summer.

London, UK


London may seem an obvious location in the UK, but it really is geared towards families more than most other cities. If you choose to stay in the centre of London, then you will find more attractions and activities to do as a family per square mile than you will find almost anywhere else. London also has a lot of history tied in with its attractions, such as the Tower of London, which offers an often blood-curdling history which should fascinate and amuse children, whilst also educating them.

Perth, Australia


Perth has a great public transport system, making it easy to get around with younger children, and there are a huge number of things to do with kids of all ages, no matter what their interests. Perth is a good mix of nature and city sights, which means that there is plenty to keep smaller children interested as well as teach them more about the world. The Aquarium of Western Australia is popular with kids of all ages and has a gorgeous tank of illuminated jellyfish.

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