5 best destinations for explorers

Give into your inner child and become an explorer in some of the most adventurous places in the world. Or, if you’re not feeling brave, live vicariously through this article!

1 - Tortuguero Village, Costa Rica

Escape the everyday buzz of city life by visiting this Costa Rican village, where the rivers and waterways allow you to explore deep and far into the jungle and get the full experience of undisturbed nature. If you happen to arrive between the months of April and October, you might just catch a glimpse of giant sea turtles laying their eggs on the shores - a once in a lifetime sight for many. However, if you're around from November to January, you'll see the tiny baby turtles making a run for the sea for the very first time!


2 - Luray Caverns, Virginia, USA

If your interest is not wide open spaces but more along the lines of enclosed underground areas, Luray Caverns is the ideal exploration destination. They're the most popular caverns in Eastern America and you can take well-lit guided tours through the impressive stone formations. They're well paved, but still an extremely dramatic experience with "rooms" the size of cathedrals. 


3 - Landmannalaugar, Iceland

Found in the Fjallabak Nature Reserve, this place is so detached from modern society that they only have access to the Internet for half of the year! People travel to Landmannalaugar for its famous natural geothermal hot springs and stunning landscape. Being a relatively popular tourist spot, Landmannalaugar is reachable through a few methods of transport, but many arrive after hiking through the Laugarvegur trail or pass through as part of a larger excursion in Iceland.


4 - The Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

We've all heard of the Grand Canyon, and we just couldn't talk about exploring without giving the destination that's on everybody's bucket list a mention. Separate tours can be taken from each of the four corners of the canyon; these can include helicopter and boat rides or just a good old fashioned hike. The South Rim is considered the most popular as it includes the vast, expansive views that we see featured on TV and in movies and magazines.


5 - Tasman Glacier, New Zealand

This glacier is one of the largest in New Zealand and certainly the longest at 27 km in length! You can tour around the glacier on the terminal lake, taking in the breathtaking glacial experience as well as the views of beautiful mountains in the distance, too. Snowfall over the winter months at the Tasman Glacier equates to 50 miles deep!

There we have it, the five destinations you simply must see if you want to explore the world! We hope you enjoyed this article, check out some more of our website for more just like this.