10 things to do before travelling to a new place


1st Jul 2019 Travel

When it comes to visiting new places, it's important to make sure that one is well prepared for everything beforehand. There are many things that people have to look forward to and to prepare for - both before and after traveling. From sorting out a visa application to packing the right clothes for the trip, every detail should be paid attention to in order to enjoy yourself fully. Here are ten top things to consider before and whilst you are travelling.

1.      Go on a social detox

This is perhaps the single most important thing you can do whilst travelling and on holiday for a full sense of wellbeing and to give yourself a total break. Nobody likes to reply to co-office emails and client calls whilst they are away. If you are a working professional, then check with the HR department for holidays and inform them about your unavailability during the trip. 

2.      Check if you have a valid visa

If you are traveling to the US for the first time, then you might need to get a waiver in case you are inadmissible. Similarly, all countries have their laws and regulations for tourists and people who are visiting for the very first time. Conduct in-depth research about the requirements of the visa process and any additional documentation that you might need to carry. Don’t forget to check the viability of your passport too. Many people often book their tickets in advance and forget to check that their passport is in date.


3.      Manage your finances

Going on a trip doesn’t just mean paying for visa and the air ticket. You will very likely be spending money on accommodation, food, shopping, entertainment, souvenirs, etc. Therefore you need to manage your finances well in advance and make sure you have enough spending money to cover everything you want to do whilst you are away..

4.      Check for public transport

Think about how you will travel around once you reach your destination. Most cities have public transport readily available and you can chose from buses, trains, subways, etc. However, not every states and countries will have these methods of transport readily available. If you are traveling for the first time and are staying for a while then it may be worth considering renting a car if it's within your budget. However, for the US you will need a driving license of that state to be able to drive; therefore, it is better to get the documents first. Or have you ever thought about hiring a campervan? You can rent a campervan for your entire US trip at affordable prices and leaves you free to travel any destination you‘d like to visit. If you don't want to buy one, you can easily rent one for your travel. Alternatively, you could buy a used campervan for a fairly low sum.

5.      Know the language

It's often thought that English is a universal language but thats not always the case. Do some homework before setting off on your travels. There is no need to master the language completely but it would be helpful to learn some of the most commonly used words and phrases in that area. 

6.      Plan your trip wisely

A little bit of research can prove to be of great help and can make the trip more worthwhile if you know some of the things that you'd like to do when you get there. Suppose that you go for a week to Indonesia, then you would want to only roam around the local markets for sure. Therefore it is imperative to plan your trip wisely - why not check out the latest travel vlogs on YouTube.

7.      Pack the right stuff

Don’t wait until last minute to pack! People often overlook packing and then tend to over pack the night before!. Think about where you and going and what you will be doing and pack accordingly. Try not to overpack as it'll only mean you then have to carry around excess items that you are not going to use. It;s also a good idea to leave valuables at home so you dont risk lsoing them.

8.      Manage your car park

You can’t leave for your trip unless you haven't taken care of the things behind. Most airports have a safe car park where you can park your car for days and collect it on return from the trip.

9.      Check all the door locks

Check your house is secure before leaving for the trip and make sure all windows are closed and locked. Criminal practices have already grown rampantly across the globe, which is why it is important to take care of your house. Make your neighbors aware of the fact that you're leaving for the trip and ask that they keep an eye on the house and inform you if they witness any suspicious activity going on in or around your house.

10.  Check for warning and advisories

When visiting a new place don’t forget to check the warnings that have been given by the travel agents and your government.  Always consult somebody who has been to that place so that you can know the dos and don’ts of that area. Many tourists end up with the local police when they are caught doing something that is not in compliance with the state laws.

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