10 Things international students should know about studying in Sheffield

Sheffield in England is known for its outstanding education and teeming student population. International students flock towards Sheffield.

The University of Sheffield is located right in the centre of the city and is home to countless international and local students. The people of the town are warm and welcoming towards students and are known to be good employers. Most students in Sheffield join part-time work to support their tuition and living expenses.

Sheffield has fantastic diversity, is multicultural, and has a vibrant mix of parks and trails for the nature-loving. There are usually upwards of 60,000 students that call Sheffield their home each year.

Since Sheffield is a beautiful place (for education and career growth), many students prefer finding employment and staying permanently. If this is something you would be interested in, it is helpful to have added a Sheffield immigration solicitor to your contact lists so that you can set an appointment whenever you wish.

Let us look at 10 things international students should know about studying in Sheffield.

  1. Excellent Universities: The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University are known as the crown jewels. Getting admission into either is extremely tough, and most students work hard to get accepted to their programs. The University of Sheffield is a member of the Russell Group, while the Sheffield Hallam was awarded the University of the Year for Teaching Quality in the Times in 2020.

These two universities are known for their extensive and impressive courses, state of the art teaching facilities, libraries, resource centres, and partnerships and internships with other organizations. Students from the University of Sheffield usually get headhunted by large companies and are hired at excellent annual pay packages.

Apart from this, international students also get financial support for tuition and living expenses.

  1. The City Is Affordable And Diverse: Sheffield has a proudly diverse community known for its multicultural food stores, shopping markets, eateries, and arts. The food markets are known to cater to the requirements of all major nationalities. The city is also safe and has a low crime rate. If you’re a student in Sheffield, you will probably also get discounts at all shops. All the local businesses are student-friendly and help out in whatever way they can.

  1. Green Spaces: Sheffield has beautiful verdant gardens for relaxation or just reading. With over two million trees, Sheffield has 250 parks. This is why Sheffield is named the ‘Green City. There are secluded spots to unwind, meditate, and relax. You can also go cycling, or visit the Botanical Gardens.

  1. Vibrant Social Scene: Sheffield has theatres, cinemas, art galleries, and many more. Most of the museums have free entry and are great for sightseeing. Sheffield is also home to some of the best bakeries, bars, pubs, night clubs, and food halls. Student neighbourhoods also have thrift shops and independent bars.

  1. Sports and Exercise: Each year, Sheffield Varsity hosts the two universities in over 80 sporting events. Sheffield has golf, boxing, lacrosse, water polo, badminton, basketball, and in exercise – dojo’s, sports halls, cardio fitness suites, gyms, and swimming pools. Many students also prefer cycling and hiking.

  1. Music and Culture: Sheffield has a richly active student population. Many ex-students have gone on to become famous rock and pop stars. Legendary band Arctic Monkeys also has its origins in Sheffield. There are music gigs, exhibitions, and art events happening throughout the year.

  1. Tramlines Festival: Sheffield also has the Tramlines – the annual music festival at Hillsborough Park. It takes place each July and spans approximately three days. With indoor and outdoor venues, students and tourists flock to see favourite artists, discover new ones, and enjoy themselves.

  1. It’s in the heart of the UK: Sheffield is centrally located in the heart of the UK such that everything is near. The Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, The Pennines, and the beautiful seafaring coast are within a few hours. Sheffield also has affordable transport links.

  1. Book Stores: Sheffield has the famous Rare and Racy bookstore. You will find rare, weird, excellent second hand books in this store. You can also find old forgotten maps, CDs, vinyl records, and posters of ageing rock stars.

  1. Movies at Showroom: Sheffield is the home of the Showroom – the largest independent cinema outside of London city. Serious film fans, students of art and filmography all end up at the Showroom for the latest blockbuster releases. The Showroom is also a popular dating area, with different genres of film like cult, foreign films, classics, and arthouse.

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