Wine, Cooking and Storing Data: Gadget Must Haves!

From keeping your wine cool without a bucket to a cooking app that can handle the mess, technology expert, BBC 5 Live presenter and Answer Me This! podcaster Olly Mann reveals the latest must-haves

Sesame app, £2.99 for iOS

In theory, it’s convenient to use a tablet to refer to a recipe while you’re cooking. But when your fingers are coated in flour, you’re holding a kettle in one hand and a knife in the other, you don’t want to be zooming in to photos or scanning through a web page. But this app, compatible with most recipe sites online, saves the details of the dishes you’d like to make and lays them out so they’re straightforward and readable, even when you don’t have a web connection. Bon appétit!


Lacie Fuel, £169.90

With this portable storage drive, you can relay up to 1TB of stuff wirelessly from your computer to your mobile devices and vice versa. That’s around 500 movies or 190,000 photos, thereby massively expanding the capacity of your phone and tablet. The hardware is sleek and quiet, but the software (a web platform for desktop; an app for mobile use) is rather unsightly—and transfer speeds could be faster.


Corkcicle, £20

The gadget that demanded to be invented: an in-bottle wine chiller! Freeze it, stick it in your bottle of white and it keeps your plonk at a perfect temperature for an hour. Then throw away your ice bucket!