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Why you need a phone that does more than texts


1st Jan 2015 Technology

Why you need a phone that does more than texts

Unsure of the benefits of owning a smartphone over a regular phone? and who may see them as little more than toys that can make phone calls… here's an interesting tale that may convince you of their usefulness.

More than texts and calls…

thanks to smartphone couple found hotel

"I've just returned from a holiday in the south of Italy, where my Doro Liberto® 820 Mini smartphone was more useful than a Swiss Army knife," says Dick Lumsden.

"We arrived late at night (because of an air traffic control strike, naturally) into an unfamiliar city, and were taken away from the airport to a car hire pick-up location in the middle of nowhere.

"With no idea of where we were and consequently no idea how to find our hotel, I turned to my smartphone for help. Using the Google Maps app, I pinpointed where I was, and then searched the address of our hotel. Instantly the phone turned into a sat nav and directed us with spoken instruction to find our hotel with the minimum of fuss.



Translating through the camera lens

"The next day, driving to our holiday villa, I discovered a hitherto unknown quirk of Italian motoring. When you pull into a space in a pay-and-display car park, you have to enter part of your car’s registration number into the machine before it will print your ticket."

"Discovering this would have been difficult had I not turned again to my smartphone. Using an app called Google Translate, my phone’s camera took an image of the parking instructions and instantly translated it on screen."


"I for one would not be without my Doro"


"And as if these two functions alone weren’t enough to convince unbelievers of the worth of a smartphone, when we arrived at our destination in deepest Puglia and discovered we had no wi-fi, I was able to convert my Doro into a mobile 'hotspot' using the internal settings, and allowed the whole family to browse the internet and say 'Hi' to friends back home."

"Modern smartphones are about more than making calls and sending messages. They are multi-purpose tools to make our lives easier—and I for one would not be without my Doro."


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doro smartphone

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