Why VoIP is Important for Startups

Why VoIP is Important for Startups
VoIP phone systems are becoming an increasingly popular form of communication for businesses of all sizes, from startups, to growing businesses, financial companies helping people borrow money instantly online and even larger already-established companies in the UK and further afield.
As landlines are set to be switched off and converted to digital networks by 2025, then there is no better time to consider using a VoIP phone system for your startup business.
VoIP phone systems can have great benefits for your startup, particularly for how they have built-in conferencing calling features that are great for multi-party calling. Read on to find out more why VoIP phone systems are important for startups, and why you should consider making the switch today. 

What is a VoIP Phone System and How Does it Work?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and is a technology that enables people to make calls over the internet rather than a traditional landline or mobile network. With the impending switch off of analogue phone networks in 2025 getting closer each day, VoIP is becoming more important than ever.
The analogue voice signals are converted into digital signals which are then travelled over the internet, and can connect to other phone networks. Therefore, making them a great option for businesses where employees may be working remotely while needing to keep in contact with the office and customers.

Advantages to VoIP Phone Systems for Business Startups

As mentioned above, setting up a VoIP phone system is straightforward and hassle-free. Below, we have compiled a short list as to why a VoIP phone system would be advantageous for your startup business!
  • Affordability: VoIP is cheaper than traditional landlines to install and run
  • Flexibility: VoIP allows employees to work hybridly as it can be used anywhere
  • Hassle-free: You can even transfer your previous phone number
  • Adaptable: Various devices can be used - desktop, mobile, laptop and IP phones
  • Reliability: VoIP phones are a reliable network
  • Productivity: A virtual phone system enables voicemail, video calling and business apps
  • Professionalism: a VoIP phone system can integrate professional factors, such as a digital receptionist, call conferencing and much more
From its affordable pricing, to helping improve your customer service and your employees’ productivity - there are many, and even more, advantages to using a VoIP phone system for your startup business.

What Equipment is Needed for a VoIP System in a Startup?

One of the great advantages to VoIP phone systems is how easy they are to install, set up and run - provided you already have a modem and router as part of your internet setup. If not, these are also easy to install when commencing your business startup.
No matter what device your employees are using, whether it be a phone or desktop computer, VoIP phone systems can function either in the office or when working from home.
A good internet connection, nonetheless, can improve the connectivity of your business. One of the drawbacks to a VoIP phone system is that it depends on the broadband connection of your business. So, installing a broadband with better connection when installing a VoIP phone system is another important factor to consider.
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