Why technology remains a great influence on lifestyle


21st Sep 2021 Technology

Why technology remains a great influence on lifestyle

There are many positive effects of technology on our lifestyles. They include speed, access to information, communication, solving complex problems, and retailing.

Today, my focus is on the positive effects of technology on lifestyle.

Some of the effects include:

Travel advancement

One significant effect that technology has caused is the advancement in travel. Thanks to technological advances in engines, airplanes that run faster than sound can now fly faster, meaning that it takes less time to transport goods across the world.

Eases trading

It makes trade between countries more manageable. Technology boosts economic growth across the board, and countries generate revenue through international trade. This leads to investment opportunities, better infrastructure, and skilled labour.

Sports development

The one area we must give credit to technology for its development in is in the world of sport and, in particular, online sports. One great example is NetBet Sport. It provides netizens with the opportunity to bet on their favourite sports. Thanks to technological advancement and global internet use.

Generation of efficient power

Technology has also helped in the generation of efficient power. The technology uses energy that can get harnessed from sound sources such as solar rays and wind currents. The energy produced reduces the dependency on fossil fuels that were initially used to generate electricity. Fossil fuels have become exhausted in many regions globally. But technology has changed the situation by allowing people to develop their power from renewable sources. Also, there are no more power outages since one can store excess energy generated through a battery or a generator at home for future use.

Education enhancement

Technology has also improved the education sector. The use of computers and the internet, and user-friendly software have made it easier to get educated. People can get information from about anywhere in the world by logging on to their home computers.

Technology is also improving literacy rates across the globe. For instance, many children cannot afford school fees. However, they can still get an education through the internet. This technology has changed their futures because now many can home school.

Changed job roles

Technology is also changing job roles making people much more productive in their work. People used to take up one task before turning to another; however, today, jobs require employees to multi-task. Also, many technological advancements help save time, such as bulk processing of files and other data using robots.

Relationship improvement

Technology has improved relationships between family members. For instance, people can stay in touch with their loved ones while travelling or working long hours by using video conferencing software. This technology also aids parents who have children studying abroad by allowing them to keep an eye on them via the internet. Constant check up prevents any abuse that might otherwise happen if the parents got isolated from their kids.


The benefits of technology are vast, and the ability to use it is becoming more accessible. As time elapses, we will see even more ways that people can leverage this tool for everyday living worldwide.

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