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Why Patrick Parker matters in the Blockchain industry

Why Patrick Parker matters in the Blockchain industry

We are living in a world that is standing at the threshold of a revolutionary future in information technology.

A future that can promise us the ownership of our data in an online space that is increasingly insecure and open to threats to our privacy and cybersecurity. It’s like an open wound festering with time. We all know our social media is no more private space, but to what extent is just anyone’s guess. This is why we’re now moving toward the ‘age of decentralization’ in the wake of blockchain technology.

However, it would be unwise to walk blindfolded into this new era of the internet without any prior knowledge. And thankfully, we don’t have to. Because people like Patrick Parker are the pioneers in the tech industry and have gained in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology and what it incorporates for us. He is there to guide us through this transition.


“While there are still serious issues to be solved in the building of the blockchain-based future of the internet, you have got to begin dipping your toes in it, and you’ve got to do it now,” says Patrick.

Nowadays, he’s busy in consultations with top entrepreneurs to apprise them of the opportunities the blockchain-based future is carrying for online businesses as well as ordinary people. His biggest concern is the misinformation, myths, and misconceptions surrounding the new technology because of which even the governments in many countries are reluctant to accept the inevitable. However, this trend has started dwindling now.

“It seems like blockchain cannot be held off any longer!” Patrick sounds happy sharing news on his Instagram.

He shared a major development for blockchain technology that recently occurred when the U.S. government decided to establish a ‘Blockchain Working Group’ to research and understand the practical applications of the technology.

“This is the right move. We have to move with time or we’ll be left behind,” Patrick contended.

Mr. Parker has spent considerable time in the tech industry, experimenting, learning, and moving forward. This curious man aced his academic life by securing high numbers in almost all his subjects. You could see him engrossed in discussions with his teachers and professors. His passion for technology was vivid, and he made the best use of it. And before you knew it, Patrick was leading top tech ventures in the country and listed as a tech expert, especially in SaaS and Blockchain technology.

Patrick is happy and optimistic because he’s sensing the fissures in the hegemony of a few tech companies over the internet. Today, every step we take in a day is tracked, without us knowing. And sometimes, we’re forced to watch ads we abhor. The algorithm mechanism is claimed to work in users’ favor, and it does to some extent, but at the expense of our privacy. Blockchain, Patrick believes, will reverse the trend.

Unequivocally, his expertise in technology is matchless. After dedicating much of his life to technology and being part or witness to many revolutionary changes in the internet over the last two to three decades, Patrick is not only bracing for the new era of the internet, but he is also preparing the ground for it by spreading essential information and leading awareness campaigns pertaining to blockchain and its uses.

Time and again, with his expert advice and opinion on the matter, and his contribution to developing blockchain-based products, he has articulated why he matters in the blockchain industry and the future it's creating.

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