Which gadgets you should get for your garden

BY Olly Mann

1st Jan 2015 Technology

2 min read

All the technological wizardry you’ll need to be crowned king or queen of your annual summer garden party…

The sun is finally out! (At least—it was at the time of writing this. If summer is effectively over, apologies: fun while it lasted, eh?). Here are some ways to make the great outdoors even greater…


Boost your battery

If you find yourself separated from friends at a festival, or to pluck an example from my own recent experience, take one too many adorable photos of your toddler next to an alpaca at the village fete, then power-up your iPhone with the Juice Junkie 4 clip-on emergency power bank (£19.99). Eye-catchingly designed in the shape of a lighter, it weighs virtually nothing, sits comfortably in the hand and provides a 50 per cent top-up.


Barbecue better

I’ve become accustomed to the taste of burnt flesh and charcoal, but if you insist on actually cooking meat rather than incinerating it, check out Meater (£79.99) a wireless meat thermometer. Stick it in your steak, chuck it on the grill and consult the app for info on when to turn, remove, and serve. I could easily imagine forgetting to charge the battery but hey, old-fashioned thermometers require wires hanging out of your food. So, still an improvement. You should also consider choosing the right pellet smoker as a perfect addition to your garden.


Dance in the moonlight

Time was, my garden parties were soundtracked from a hi-fi dangled precariously out the window. For a more sophisticated look, try UE Wonderboom 3 (£76.99). Trust me, I’ve tested a LOT of portable Bluetooth speakers, and for an outdoor experience at under a hundred quid, this cannot be beaten. It looks cool, has 360 degree sound and 30m range, and can be immersed in water for up to 30 minutes so you can even take it in the pool.

Chill out

When I saw that a Slush Puppie machine (£49.99) had hit the high street, I squealed with delight. It’s not exactly the classiest machine to grace my kitchen worktop but you can recreate the sugary treat of your youth in your own home. And, even better, you can experiment… lime beer slushy, anyone?

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