What makes the best Instagram downloader in 2021?

What makes the best Instagram downloader in 2021?

Instagram is the golden era's best app for uploading, sharing, and viewing experiences. It's great for inspiration, learning, and just pure fun for everyday life.

However, a significant setback of the app is that you can't download any content and store them than taking screenshots. But that method doesn't even work on the unique video content sitting on the app. 

Thankfully the internet has in store several if not a few Instagram downloaders that help download all kinds of Instagram content, which is otherwise prohibited. But not all these apps are trustable to carry out a sensitive task like this. A third-party app for Instagram video downloader may take extra information from you or be really slow to keep you waiting several minutes before you can get your finished product. Here are a few things to remember before choosing a reliable and dependable Instagram downloader:

Search for ratings

When there were only a few Instagram downloaders to aid in the activity a few years back, you can find them with various names nowadays. But there's no need to worry when choosing between them. You can select a good enough downloader app based on its ratings on the Google app and reviews. These evaluations are given by real users on the internet and can help you choose your app wisely. Moreover, the reviews can really tell you the characteristics of an app that allows it to differ from the rest and stand out to your needs. So always make sure to depend on the ratings to choose apps for Instagram.


An Instagram downloading app or website should be easy to navigate. When choosing your app for downloading Instagram videos or images, ensure that you can do it easily and quickly with a hassle-free design. Most third-party apps out there are filled with ads and cluttered designs that make it difficult for you to locate the download button quickly and get work done. For this reason, choose an app that has a simple interface with the usual bar for pasting your downloadable link and a download button, including a few other handles. 


A simple interface may not be enough to help you get speedy and bulk downloads in the smallest amount of time. It has to be fast speed and provide the downloading speed that can help you undertake downloading a complete account in an instant. The app should help you download any content within seconds without making you wait. The best Instagram video downloader should allow high downloading speed for any type of content, even lengthy videos. 

Additional features

A conventional Instagram downloader should be well facilitated to provide more options than just image or video downloading. In fact, there are several apps out there that do just that and help you get numerous added features and options to enhance your experience. You can also find a tik tok video downloader in some to get your favorite tik tok videos too. Other features can include posts, stories, IGTV videos, dps, and more on the Instagram platform. 

Downloading capacity

Most often, Instagram downloaders come with vast downloading capacities and aid in saving the downloads in their own cloud storage. However, some of them can have lesser capacities, or your needs are more extensive. For this reason, choose downloaders that can download a few million and store them.


Although ads are present in almost every downloader, it is a way for the app to earn money and but that can be fixed with an ads blocker. Some apps can have a few more ads that disrupt your experience. You can choose to have an ad-free downloader as well, but they will be less. Or just choose one that has a straightforward interface, even with ads. 

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