What games can you play without investing a huge amount of time?


6th Apr 2021 Technology

What games can you play without investing a huge amount of time?

Gaming has grown into one of the most popular leisure activities around the UK. The whole gaming sector has exploded in recent years and generates multi-millions in terms of revenue. Much of this growth has been due to new players coming into the sector and discovering just how much fun they can have playing games.

While the range of games, advances in online gaming and advances in gaming tech have all helped, the way gaming fits more easily into people's lifestyles has also helped.

While some hardcore gamers have hours each day to devote solely to playing games, most people do not. That leaves a lot of people fitting in shorter gaming sessions throughout the day - whenever they get a chance. But which are the best types of game to play in this situation?

Casino games

One very popular type of game which does not require a huge investment in time are online casino games. Online versions of classics like slots, blackjack or roulette can easily be picked up for a few minutes and then put down when you are busy again. Easy to get into and simple to play, most do not require you to spend hours learning complex rules before you try them. Of course, mobile casino play is also big these days and is very useful for fitting in some game time when out of the house.

Playing via mobile is great for casual gamers as you can squeeze in some action wherever you are and when you have some spare time. If you are looking for an internet casino to use, why not check out NetEnt Casino's guide to online mobile casino games? This well-respected site shows the top mobile casinos to game at and has information about how to choose the best one.

Platform games

Another popular type of game for players without lots of time are platform games. These games involve controlling a character on-screen who has to run and jump their way through levels. If you manage to get past all the obstacles on one level, you get to move up to the next.

As well as later titles, there are some real classics in this genre, from Sonic the Hedgehog to the Super Mario Bros franchise. Platformers are great for those who do not want long gaming sessions because they offer fast-paced action, short levels and easy to grasp controls. As they do not involve complex storylines, they can be easily picked up when you have a moment spare to play again.

Hyper-casual games

From Angry Birds to Candy Crush, hyper-casual games have really taken off for the less serious gamer in recent years. But what are they exactly and what goes into designing a hyper-casual game? They are bright, fun games which usually contain cute characters that often make use of happy music and cute themes to attract players.

They are a great game for shorter sessions as they come with intuitive controls and do not usually have sprawling storylines. The sheer range of choice in hyper-casual gaming also means it is quick to find one you like and get playing.

Racing games

When it comes to game genres which are set-up for immediate thrills and quick blasts of fun, racing ones score highly. It is important to note we are not talking about more in-depth driving simulation titles like the Forza Horizon series here. Instead, we are talking about pure racing games such as the Mario Kart series.

Titles like this do not have all the storylines and choice of games like Forza Horizon. This means they are much better suited to casual gamers who merely want to fill a few minutes racing around a track. Less in-depth racers also take you into the action quicker and require less setting up. That means you can simply load them up and get racing before you run out of time.

Some games better than others for casual play

If you only have a few minutes to game, then it simply does not make sense to play an in-depth title (such as one of the 10 best MMORPG's from 2020) with complex controls or slower-paced action. For these shorter gaming sessions, it is much better to find game genres which are suited to faster play. If you need a few tips on which types of game are suitable, the above information should help.

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