Weaker mobile network coverage: ways to deal with It

Weaker mobile network coverage: ways to deal with It
Mobile network coverage covers virtually the entire territory of the country. However, there are places where it is not as good as in urban centers. Examples include mountain huts or resorts located far from human concentrations.
Problems can also be the result of a malfunction of the phone itself. So don't risk this situation happening to you at the worst possible time. The signal will be stronger, and you won't be prone to interrupted calls.
You will be able to use your cell phone or GSM modem with the help of mobile signal boosting for hotels and other places where it was not possible before due to weak Wi-Fi or mobile networks. The device improves the quality of voice calls and GPRS data transmission.

When do you need a Wi-Fi signal booster?

Even in a situation where you have a high-speed connection, you may have an issue with the speed of the wireless Internet in your home or office. Where does this come from? The Wi-Fi signal that is transmitted by the router may encounter interference. The ideal situation is when you can place the router in the center of the apartment. Unfortunately, this is not always possible.
If the router is in the farthest room, walls or electronic equipment can weaken the range. In a remote room, the signal quality can be much worse. The problem may also apply to multi-story buildings; the signal may not be as good upstairs if the router is located on the first floor. The Wi-Fi network may also not work properly if there are many other signal sources in your area that interfere with each other.

What are the ways to strengthen the signal?

New communications standards use increasingly sophisticated transmitters, although it is difficult to guarantee a perfect signal anywhere. The very way transmitters work means that as the number of devices connected to them increases, their effective range decreases – a phenomenon known as cell respiration.
It mainly affects 3G networks (WCDMA and UMTS), so it may seem like all you need to do is switch to a 2G or 4G/LTE network. Unfortunately, this option has its limitations. Switching to 2G only works well for calls, as limited data transfer does not guarantee a high web surfing experience. As for 4G/LTE, only a few phone models use it for voice calls. Usually, they are just conducted in 2G or 3G.
A number of other factors also impact the decrease in signal power. These include terrain, obstacles in the path of wave propagation, or even thick building walls, especially reinforced concrete ones. Weather also does its part – radio waves do not like rain, storms, or snowfall. Also, interference from power grids or some industrial installations can weaken the mobile signal.

Accurately determine the coverage area first

When fixing problems with mobile network access, you should start by finding out what kind of network coverage you have in the place where you live. From the Uctel team, you can find a number of applications that help improve signal strength. You can buy mobile signal boosting for hotels quickly. Or for any other occasion, depending on the prevalence of coverage problems.
Being properly armed, one should walk around the apartment and check where network coverage is good and where dead spots appear. After that, just remember to make calls or use the Internet in those places where coverage is best.

Control how you connect to the network

Sometimes, if you live on the border of the range of two transmitters, it's worth restarting or briefly deactivating the phone's radio module (by switching it to airplane mode, for example) in case of difficulties accessing the network.
This way, when you log back on to the network, the smartphone will automatically select the transmitter that is currently emitting a stronger signal.
  • If you use your smartphone mainly for calls, you can switch permanently to a 2G network.
  • This technology has a longer range and is not as sensitive to the increased number of connected devices.
  • This is a result of the radio frequencies used to support them. In the case of Internet use, it will be necessary to find a point where 3G, or 4G/LTE coverage is good.
  • And since we have access to the Internet, whether, via a 4G/LTE network or a fixed network, the Uctel team can solve the problem of poor coverage in yet another very easy way.

What mobile signal boosters can do and why they're worth using

Of course, it's not about going back to landlines, but about taking advantage of the benefits and find mobile signal boosting for hotels. This is a solution that allows you to make calls or send SMS and MMS from your mobile phone, with or without your home Wi-Fi network!
Mobile signal boosting is a universal solution – it can be used on almost any smartphone (Android 5.0 and higher). Importantly, it is useful not only when there are problems with coverage at home. It can be used, for example, on vacation in the mountains, where access to transmitters can be difficult, as well as in hotels and restaurants that often offer weak Wi-Fi.
Are you annoyed by difficulties with the quality of communication at home, in the office, in a hotel, in a restaurant, in a closed parking lot, and in other places? Are you surprised that you can use your cell phone in a parking lot or in front of your house, but not in your office or hotel?
  • If you have poor phone coverage at home, work, or a hotel, use our offer to change this and boost the signal of any operator.
  • It is ideal for households, agritourism, entertainment centers, and many other places where a good phone connection is needed.
  • The signal booster is ideal for summer cottages, vacations, or even at home if you have issues with coverage. Make your life easier and enjoy uninterrupted calls.
Our signal boosters and mobile phone intermediate stations will make the signal stronger, and you won't suffer from dropped calls. Now you know how to eradicate it.
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