Want to buy Instagram likes? Here’s 5 reasons why you should

Promoted Content 1 August 2022

A high like count is like a pretty face, it will attract people to your Instagram page. What's the implication of this?

The more people you attract, the higher your chances of growth, whether your brand is a business or a personal one. It's no wonder, therefore, that most instagrammers go above and beyond to get more likes. 

There is one problem, though. Most account owners don't know how to arrive at the door mouth of a high like count. These days, as the demand for people's attention keeps soaring, people tend to hurry off to the next interesting content before they leave a double tap. 

A viable way to get the likes you want is to consistently post high-quality resources on your page. Another way—and a much easier one—is to straight-up patronise an Instagram growth service. Of course, If you want this to yield the best results, you'll need to still post quality content. 

If you're in a fix wondering whether or not to buy Instagram likes, it's a valid worry. The issue of buying social media likes has been controversial. However, if you do it the right way, you'll reap immense benefits. 

Now, let's jump in and see why you should go ahead with your purchase.

5 Reasons why you should buy Instagram likes

1. Buying Instagram likes is fast and guaranteed 

If you need more Instagram likes as soon as possible, then you should consider buying them. The most popular advantage of paying for likes is the speed of delivery. 

Many Instagrammers have been using the platform for a while, yet engagement levels have remained the same. It takes a long time for techniques, including hashtag strategies and quality images and videos, to produce results. The process of purchasing likes, however, only takes a few days or hours.

Additionally, the quantity of likes you will receive is assured and certain. You can't be as certain of the results with other tactics.  When you buy 500 likes, then you can be sure that 500 likes will be hanging out there on your post.

2. It gives you a wider reach and increases your brand awareness 

When you have a high engagement rate, more people will notice your posts. You'll be more likely to appear on the explore page. This means that more eyes will see your posts, and in turn, your reach will be wider. In the end, your brand awareness will expand. 

3. Effortlessly boost your engagement 

Without engagements, your Instagram page will look like an island and that is not the point of Instagram. The platform aims at better connectivity and networking between like minds. And this is why the platform favors accounts with tons of engagement.

Buying buy Instagram likes from MegaFamous will give you the genuine engagement you need without the additional stress. Asides the likes you buy, you'll get more organic likes, comments and shares. How so? People tend to like and comment on your post when they notice that a lot of people have done so. The more engagement a post already has, the more it'll have. 

Even if likes are all you buy, you'll see a difference in your comment rates and shares. 

4. Increase traffic to your Instagram page or website

An account with huge numbers no doubt draws a crowd (as we have seen earlier). If you have a website, you should put it in the link in your bio so that your Instagram page traffic will seep into your website. 

With increased traffic, you can generate warm leads for your business and skyrocket sales. This way, you'll make more cash than what you've spent buying likes.

Tip: Make sure your Instagram page and website have good content to rope visitors in and keep them as followers. Your website landing page should be easy to navigate so that your visitors can spend more time on your site.

5. Score points with the Instagram algorithm

You've heard of the Instagram algorithms and how these bunch of signals determine how well your posts will do. Increased engagements (likes, comments and shares) will prompt the Instagram algorithms to show your posts to more users. This is exactly how you can end up getting featured on the explore page.

What to consider before buying ikes

A lot can go wrong while buying Instagram likes so you need to be cautious. Here are some things to take into consideration before buying Instagram likes.

  • The safety of your Instagram account: One of the reasons Instagram users stall on buying likes is because of cyber threats. They are scared of becoming victims of unscrupulous sites. Although some of these sites claim to sell likes, they use the opportunity to hack accounts. Ensure that the site you buy likes from is trusted and secure


  • Real Instagram likes: you should also consider the quality of the likes you'll get before buying them. You want to check that the site is reliable and trustworthy so that you can get real likes and avoid getting a ban from Instagram


  • Price of Instagram likes: if you only have a small budget then you should consider how much the likes will cost you. Don't worry if you can't buy so many likes at a go. Simply purchase the amount you can afford and come back for more some other time. You should also check out different Instagram growth services and compare prices.


  • The quickness of delivery: Be sure that the site you are patronizing will deliver your likes right on time. 


  • Experience of other users: you may want to ask other Instagram users about their experiences with a growth service. From their reports, you can deduce which service is dubious and which is reputable.


Tip: if you are a beginner, we advise that you start by purchasing a small number of likes. For example, only buy 100-200 likes per post. With time, you can upgrade. 


Also, you may need to buy Instagram followers before you buy more likes. It might be suspicious that you have so many likes when you only have a few followers.

How and where can you buy Instagram likes from?

Now that you have ample reasons to buy Instagram likes and are leaning toward buying them, the next question is, who should you buy your likes from?

Your ideal choice must be a reputable Instagram growth service with technologies to give you real likes. They must offer various bundles to fit various budgets and they must have a track record of helping clients get results successfully. As a bonus, you should also be able to purchase other growth metrics like followers and views from these sites.

One site that checks all these boxes is Megafamous. They offer real likes and deliver them instantly. You'll also get different bundles to choose from.

Here are easy steps to buying likes:

  • After making a post, visit your preferred Instagram growth service and sign in
  • You will see a list of all their services. Select "buy Instagram likes"
  • Next, choose a package based on your budget
  • Supply the link to the post you want to buy likes for
  • Check the payment methods available on the site, choose the one you prefer and make payment
  • Wait for the site to process your likes and check your Instagram post to see if your likes have been provided

Are you still stalling on buying Instagram likes?

Growth is such a beautiful thing and every Instagram user desires it. With the help of an Instagram growth service, you can purchase a good amount of Instagram likes. This means you can reap the benefits of having many likes without the added work. 

Remember to use only reputable Instagram growth services for the safety of your account.

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