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ANYbotics’ ANYmal and ANYmal X – Using Modern Technology to Enhance Industrial Inspection

ANYbotics’ ANYmal and ANYmal X – Using Modern Technology to Enhance Industrial Inspection
Artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and data sciences are the primary drivers of technological progress and advancement. Robots are increasingly becoming essential to business and industrial operations because they automate processes, reduce costs or risks, and complement the workforce.
Industrial robots utilize a complex and intricate combination of hardware and software to perform tasks autonomously. Robots minimize risks, decrease costs, enhance consistency, improve quality, and reduce waste in industrial settings. Utilizing robots in industrial and commercial applications complements the workforce by reducing their workload while enabling companies to reduce risks and costs associated with human involvement in hazardous processes.
Artificial intelligence helps robots mimic or replicate human intelligence by performing various actions. Machine learning enables robots to learn from repetitive tasks and utilize intelligence for making decisions and taking action autonomously. Robots utilize a sophisticated combination of hardware and software to operate autonomously and perform numerous tasks. Autonomous robots have several industrial and commercial applications in healthcare, education, construction, mining, and industries. Autonomous inspection robots are among the recent additions to robotics, complementing human operators in industrial inspection tasks. The ANYmal and ANYmal X industrial inspection robots developed by a Swiss robotics company, ANYbotics, enhance industrial inspection by providing autonomous inspection capabilities to industrial facilities.
ANYbotics developed the ANYmal robot for autonomous inspection of industrial environments to evaluate infrastructure and equipment integrity, environmental conditions, and other visual, thermal, and acoustic elements. ANYmal is a sophisticated industrial-grade intelligent inspection robot utilizing AI-based mobility to conduct autonomous inspections in complex, multi-story industrial facilities. The legged design and AI-based mobility and functionality allow ANYmal to traverse diverse environments, climb up and down stairs at a 45-degree angle, avoid 300-mm gaps, pass through corridors, and position itself according to environments by utilizing various onboard sensors and artificial intelligence.
The primary benefit of autonomous industrial inspection is that it does not require human intervention or involvement. The ANYmal robots are autonomous and work independently around an industrial facility to inspect and monitor required parameters. The show & go functionality of the robots enables companies to set predetermined paths, tasks, and missions according to their requirements. The operator shows the robot the tasks to follow by manually guiding the robot on a particular path for the first time to memorize future tasks and missions. ANYmal uses onboard cameras and sensors with artificial intelligence for automatic charging, collision avoidance, and setting navigation waypoints.
The ANYmal industrial inspection robot utilizes state-of-the-art computing, hardware, and software technology to perform its tasks seamlessly. The robot uses twin eight-generation Intel Core i7 processors with 16 gigabytes of memory and two SSD hard drives of 240 gigabytes each. The robot runs on a Ubuntu 20.04 operating system, while companies can install customized inspection software. The robot has a 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi module and an add-on module for 4G LTE technology. ANYbotics’ ANYmal uses a 16-channel LIDAR to map the environment with a depth camera and teleoperation camera. The robot uses a zoom camera, an ultrasonic microphone, an LED spotlight, and a thermal camera to capture various situational data.
Autonomous robot inspection transforms industrial inspection by enabling companies to evaluate hazardous industrial environments without risking human health, life, and well-being. The ANYmal X robot developed by ANYbotics is the world’s only legged, certified Ex-proof (explosion-proof) robot. It is designed for rugged environments and ideal for inspecting hazardous environments in chemicals and oil & gas facilities. The Ex-proof certification of ANYmal X allows companies to evaluate hazardous environments with potentially explosive materials for monitoring temperature, pressure, and equipment integrity. ANYmal X independently monitors and reports the temperature and pressure in storage areas for gases and other flammable or potentially explosive substances. ANYbotics’ Ex-proof robot is beneficial for minimizing human involvement in potentially hazardous areas while preventing accidents by monitoring various visual, acoustic, and environmental indicators.
The ANYmal and ANYmal X industrial inspection robots utilize a combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence, sophisticated hardware, and software to inspect industrial environments and report discrepancies. The robots enhance industrial operations and safety by reading instruments or gauges, checking equipment health, detecting hazardous events, and scanning environments for discrepancies. The four-legged robots move seamlessly around industrial environments inspecting particular areas according to predetermined routes and inspection points, enabling companies to reduce costs and risks from redundant and monotonous tasks. ANYbotics also offers integration to customers where companies can use customized software or integrate robots into existing workflows and systems.

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