Trade with an edge, in the spotlight: XTrend


10th Mar 2021 Technology

Trade with an edge, in the spotlight: XTrend

The Great Recession in 2007-2008 had made money hard to come by. Economies, businesses, had been shut, and growth opportunities had been minimized; at that point, people were searching for ways that made earning easier.

During that time, Forex appeared to be the ideal and easy way to do it. Forex or the foreign exchange market is a global marketplace for exchanging national currencies against each other. Today, the Forex market is the largest and most liquid market assets in the world because of its worldwide reach of trade, finance, and commerce.

The past few years have changed the context of forex trading completely. From being an unknown and unavailable investment tool to a worldwide phenomenon, Forex is used by millions today. The surge in technological advancements has revolutionized the way the forex market operates. It has provided ease and accessibility to forex trading. The sudden influx of mobile applications and websites, complete training, and information have attracted many people to try their hand at it and earn profit from it. As of now, there are 9.1 million forex traders worldwide, but there are only a few who are working towards innovation. XTrend and XTrend Speed are two apps that have played a huge role with many other forex trading apps to transform traditional forex trading.

Revolutionizing forex trading

Forex trading in the earlier days was done only by large-scale companies and governments who were recognized globally. The multinational firms and banks facilitated trading for these organizations, but technology has taken away such royalty from them. With the influx of bringing everything online, beneficial forex trading has been given in the hands of the public through easy and understandable mobile apps. Adding value to Forex trading are XTrend and XTrend Speed.

XTrend was founded and launched in 2018, while the Xtrend Speed App was launched in 2020. Both Apps offer nano-trading capabilities and user-friendly market access to CFDs' investment on Forex, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, and other commodities across Europe. The owners of each brand were deeply concerned about the future of Forex trading. So, they developed the app's technology by listening to traders and emphasized on its fast-problem-solving customer service. XTrend is owned and operated by the parent company Rynat Trading Ltd a 'Cyprus Investment Firm,' authorized and regulated by CySEC. It was released in 2018 after two years of research and development and was designed exclusively for use on mobile devices so that users can trade anytime, anywhere. In contrast, Xtrend Speed was released under Rynat Capital (Pty) Ltd, a Rynat Trading Ltd subsidiary in 2020. The second app was launched as a sister app expanding its offering of market access and other services to more than 140 countries worldwide.

The introduction of technology has removed the knowledge barrier. It has enabled each person to invest and trade in it, even if they have zero experience and information about it. People no longer require financial experts to trade currencies as they now can use the forex trading software right from the comfort of their homes, with the assistance and guidance provided by experts online for free. And the XTrend helps to do the same. At the beginning of 2019, XTrend introduced its Social Trading' feature, a unique feature designed to assist professional and novice traders due to not having the time to spend on analysing market trends. Using this feature, traders can follow the shared trading signals of other traders.

Knowing that new traders often feared investing large sums of money, so to facilitate them, XTrend offers a first deposit amount of $50, with no deposit fees. In addition to that, they also offer 'Test Our App Coupon' of $200 so that users can experiment with trading on the app at zero risks. Similarly, the sister app, XTrend Speed, comes with a minimum deposit amount of $10 and no deposit fees. Both apps have almost the operation methodology and are focused on facilitating their users.

Headquartered in South Africa, the brand's main research and development office is located in Limassol, Cyprus. In addition to legal entities registered in Malaysia, China, and Cyprus supporting its research and development. XTrend is regulated by the CySEC authority in the EU and is authorized by the FSCA in South Africa. The XTrend Forex Trading App is available across Europe in English, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, and Spanish language editions. Its website is also available in these languages.

Both trading apps undergo continual development and updates, reviewing and adding new features. It added a desktop version of its app in January 2021. In November 2020, both XTrend brands had a combined total of 1,630,000 users worldwide.

As mobile technology has taken over the world, it has become possible for every person to access Forex trading at any time and at any place. The launch of XTrend and XTrend Speed has made trading easier than ever and have been recognized by the AtoZ Markets Forex Awards in 2020 and won the 'Best Mobile Broker of the Year.' The brand has set itself on the right path of success and aims to ease the process of trading in the coming years.

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