Top biggest SEO trends to watch in 2022

Top biggest SEO trends to watch in 2022
Search Engine Optimization continues to be highly relevant in 2022. So much so that there are new trends to keep an eye on if you want your SEO strategy to keep generating the best results.
Change is the only constant, as the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, famously said. This could not be truer in today’s world, with digital presence being almost entirely embedded and the online environment growing day by day. It is interesting to notice that such an ancient saying is applicable to this day.
When thinking about SEO, this also applies. The only aspect that remains unchanged is the fact that SEO continues to evolve, and new trends that reinvent strategies emerge constantly. This is why you should always keep an ear to the ground, mainly as a marketer or SEO specialist, but as an entrepreneur too.
Another aspect that needs to be brought to the discussion is content marketing. This is also here to stay and will continue to evolve in upcoming years, with relevant SEO strategies changing accordingly to match the demand. If there is one thing that must be emphasized is the fact that you won’t be able to generate good results and see your website ranking high on search engines if you don’t connect your content marketing strategy with a relevant SEO strategy.
The two go hand in hand, and only this way can you have a successful campaign. Just think about it – you could be posting useful and engaging content. Still, without an SEO strategy to attract the right people and gain visibility on search engines, no one will have the chance to read that thought-provoking content. Therefore, you must stay updated with the latest biggest SEO trends in 2022, apply those that match your business model, reinvent and adjust your strategy, and keep working towards ranking your website – and business – high.
Without further ado, you can find below five SEO trends you should keep an eye on in 2022:
From short-form content to long-form content
Short-form content is no longer what users want to consume when it comes to digital content they search online. Instead, this is replaced with long-form content representing a more captivating source. This entails a minimum of three thousand-word articles, as research has shown that this type of long-form content is what generates more traffic and gets more shares according to eCentres who offer SEO Ireland..

Long-form content written wisely

Therefore, if you want your SEO strategy to keep getting you the desired outcome, you should plan on creating longer yet engaging content. It is of the utmost importance to mention that users won’t access long-form content if it isn’t well-written and easy to read.
This means dividing the content into relevant H2 and H3 subheadings, using bullet points and avoiding having large chunks of text at all times. Don’t forget that many readers use smartphones, so readability must be ensured.
Passage ranking will replace keyword ranking
When discussing long-form content, one must point out another new SEO trend in 2022 – the passage ranking update. This is Google’s upgrade to generate results that precisely answer the user’s question, helping them find what they are looking for online.
By replacing keyword ranking, Google’s passage ranking update fits the trend of long-form content, given that it efficiently ranks this type of preferred content in 2022 in search engines. Passage ranking works by understanding the entire context while also analyzing the page’s relevancy. As a result, the user discovers more meaningful and accurate results than ever.
Any upcoming trends only work when some SEO basics apply
To make your SEO strategy relevant in 2022, you must not forget certain SEO basics that remain pivotal for your strategy’s success. Without these, which have laid the foundation of SEO, you won’t have an all-encompassing and effective strategy that ranks your website high.
In addition to creating accurate and relevant content of high quality and originality by using necessary keywords, using high-quality backlinks also remains an effective SEO strategy that should still be used in 2022. Suppose you aren’t sure how to incorporate it successfully. In that case, you should work with a link building agency that specializes in building these necessary high-quality backlinks that can rank your company higher and generate organic traffic.
Indeed, link building is a highly time-consuming activity to do, so it is understandable if you don’t have the time to implement it impeccably. However, since it is essential for a successful SEO strategy, you should not overlook its importance. Whether you make a plan of attack and take the time to do it well, or you prefer hiring an agency, there is no denying that you should implement link building services within your 2022 SEO strategy.
The rise of video content generates effective SEO
It isn’t surprising that video content remains highly relevant this year and, possibly, for many years to come. Users have started choosing long-form content to read, provided it is engaging and well-written and structured. But video marketing takes it to the next level – it helps users maintain their attention and assimilate the content much easier.
Relevant and well-targeted content remains a paramount aspect of an effective SEO strategy. But with video content, businesses can have a better return on investment. In the US alone, the online video viewers were as many as 228.8 million – and this is only in 2018. According to Statista, this number will continue to increase in 2022, amounting to 248.9 million digital video viewers. Therefore, businesses must go where the audience takes them, and the audience demands video content. Incorporating this effectively into your SEO strategy can only bring good results.
Continue optimizing your mobile-friendly content
Smartphone use will continue to increase in the upcoming years. It is estimated that the sales of smartphones will increase by 2023, reaching 1.85 billion every year. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to continue optimizing your mobile-friendly content. A growing number of individuals will be searching and accessing content from smartphones instead of other devices, so it is necessary to adjust your SEO strategy to fit mobiles.
Website versions for smartphones can differ significantly from their desktop version, so it is crucial to make sure the content is adapted accordingly to be user-friendly. The mobile version will be considered the primary, default one on search engines, so the SEO strategy will also need to be adapted.
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