Top 5 gadgets out in June

BY Olly Mann

1st Jan 2015 Technology

Top 5 gadgets out in June

Olly has selected his top gadgets for this month! From the latest Apple Watch to a handy power pen.

Apple Watch, from £299

Apple Watch

It’s finally here! Well, sort of—if you haven’t ordered one yet, you won’t get your hands on some models until autumn. My suggestion is to wait until version two anyway, as this first iteration doesn’t even feature GPS. But millions of punters are already sold on the “Digital Crown” scroll wheel, “Glances” notifications and 38 different strap designs. The rest of us may wonder what’s wrong with wearing a watch that simply tells the time.


Palm Massager II, £299

Palm Massager ii

This “digital pulse massager”, which I spotted at The Gadget Show Live, looks like an iPod connected to a defibrillator. Stick the adhesive pads to your shoulders, back or legs (depending on whether you want pain alleviation or a relaxing massage) and choose between nine different modes of muscle stimulation. The effect is achieved purely through electric pulses (and is therefore unsuitable if you have a pacemaker), but it really feels like your own personal masseuse.


Firebox Power Pen, £24.99

Power Pen

Which items do you most frequently forget upon leaving the house? I bet pen and phone charger are near the top of the list. This gadget, ostensibly a ballpoint pen (albeit a heavy one), combines the two. The end cap conceals a USB connector;
the lower barrel unscrews to reveal a micro USB/iPhone adapter. A few hours’ charge will give most smartphones a 30% battery boost. There’s even a rubberised tip so the pen can be used as a stylus too.


App of the month


Apple app of the month:  Periscope, £2.49

The best description I can come up with for Twitter’s latest innovation is “global Facetime”. It accesses your iPhone camera, enabling you to stream live footage of your life to viewers around the world. Or if you’d rather be a voyeur, you can just watch. It’s an astonishing technical feat, weirdly compelling and quite possibly the future of news broadcasting.




Android app of the month: Holiday Pirates, free

Sometimes technology makes it harder to choose a holiday, rather than more convenient—think of the hours you spend scanning photos and reviews before selecting a destination. But if you’re available for last-minute get-aways, this straight-forward app, which gathers some truly astonishing deals from the web, will find you a bargain break—if you’re not too choosy!


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