Top 10 best tablet computers you can buy

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Top 10 best tablet computers you can buy
A list of the best tablet computers
It’s interesting to think that 15 or so years ago, no one really knew what a tablet was, even though they've been around since the early 2000s. But it’s safe to say we’ve come a long way since then and with the iPad popularising the tablet, we’ve seen an explosion of different variations and innovations in the last several years.
We know there’s a lot to choose from, so we’ve put together a list of the best tablets around.
Last updated November 2023.

iPad Air 10.9" (2022) - An impressive all-rounder

Apple tops the list and iPads have come a long way since their debut in 2010. With the new iPad air coming in at 10.9”, with up to 256gb of storage and featuring the lauded M1 chip, significantly boosting performance from the previous generation of the Air. With a convenient size, great cameras and 5G capability, it’s a great all rounder for work or play.  
iPad air lands

iPad Pro 12.9" (2022) - A tablet powerhouse

iPad pro 12
The iPad pro has traditionally been Apple's powerhouse tablet, made more for demanding apps and programs. The new pro has improved on an already impressive machine, packing in more power with the new M2 chip, the same chip that’s being used in recent MacBooks.  

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra - The best android tablet offering

Galaxy S8 Ultra
Samsung has been making inroads with tablets in recent years and the S8 ultra is quite the statement. It's Samsung's flagship tablet after all but we do need to note its considerable size—14.6”, which may be too big for some but potentially great for video calls, streaming and photo/video editing.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 - A solid android choice

Lenovo yoga tab 13
Not many people may know that Lenovo even makes tablets, but they do—and they’re not too bad at it. The tab 13 performs quite well with a great screen, and brilliant speakers. It also features a unique design for the tablet to be self-standing.

iPad Mini 8.3" (2021) - Great for a smaller screen preference 

iPad mini
The iPad mini may not get the same fanfare as the Air or Pro but it’s impressive in its own right. Small but powerful, it has great battery life and a brilliant display, great for work or play. It's probably the best choice if you prefer a smaller screen tablet.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 - A solid laptop alternative 

Mst surface pro 8
The Surface range from Microsoft are good alternatives if you don’t quite fancy an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy tablet but still want good performance, a great display and a more than capable camera. And with a Surface Pro keyboard attachment and Intel's 11th generation processors, it makes for a solid laptop alternative.

Amazon Fire Max 11 - The best Amazon tablet

Amazon fire Max 11
Amazon recently upped the ante again with their most recent tablet, the Fire Max 11 - now at 11", with 4GB RAM and a whopping 14 hour battery life. With a vivid screen it's great for watching movies and TV—and with built in Alexa, it’s ideal if you’re already used to using Amazon's voice assistant service.

iPad 10.9" (2022) - The no frills entry level iPad

iPad 2022
It can get a bit confusing differentiating with Apple's various iPads, so to break it down, this 2022 iPad is upgraded from the 2021 version and slightly bigger at 10.9”. But it’s not the iPad Air which is the same size, make sense? Well, all you need to know is you can do most of the same things on all iPads, but this one isn’t as powerful as the Air or Pro.

 Microsoft Surface Go 3 - Good to use quickly and on the go 

Microsoft surface go 3
The Surface Go is sort of like the little brother to the Surface Pro, incredibly light and compact, featuring a headphone jack and USB-C port, you still get a long battery life and a HD display, but you won’t be getting the performance levels or storage capacity of the Surface Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 - Entry level but a quality choice

Galaxy tab A7
Rounding off the list is the Tab A8, the latest addition in the Galaxy Tab range and firmly in the more affordable range alongside the fire HD 10 tablet. The A8 is very similar to its predecessor the A7 in both appearance and functionality, but now featured is slightly better RAM, up to 4GB and a 10.5 inch screen, as opposed to 10.4" one. 
But despite the relatively low price point for this tablet, you can still get a good overall experience as the device is light and easy to carry around, it has a vibrant display and is simple to use.  
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