The new TV device by Infomir

The new TV device by Infomir, MAG425A, has a high-performance 4K/60 fps resolution. Android TV device with HDR and voice-controlled remote, as well as built-in Google services. Thanks to this device you will be able to try a lot of games and apps for large screens.

Have you always wanted to play games on a huge screen? Then this is a good opportunity for you. The Ukrainian company has made it possible. Using Google Play market you can add or download special games for your TV.

Why Choose MAG425A?

Comparing the MAG425A with competitors, let’s say with Xiaomi Mi Box, this TV device has some advantages and disadvantages. 


  • Simple usage. It’s tough to get started and set up the Xiaomi Mi Box S device.
  • Stable remote controller. The controller starts working immediately after the “Power” button is pressed. Xiaomi has some issues with that.
  • Ethernet. Ethernet is always a stable and rapid connection. Xiaomi Mi Box doesn’t have it but has good Wi-Fi 5GHz.
  • Magic file. The default file manager by Infomir helps with external devices.
  • 2 AAA batteries.
  • Bluetooth connection. You can connect keyboard, mouse and other external devices. Works well and quickly.


  • Wi-Fi. Xiaomi Mi Box has Wi-Fi 5GHz. MAG425A has dual-band Wi-Fi ac 2×2.
  • Android 8.1. MAG425A has 8.0.
  • Both don’t have a web browser. However, Infomir claimed, in the nearest future they will add “Magic Browser”.

Try 4K HDR Resolution 

As a 4K image, the picture is detailed and alive: the pixels are four times as large as Full HD. This is the latest resolution for the coming years. The extended dynamic range (HDR) ensures a natural color reproduction. Dark and light areas of the image are displayed with high contrast. To appreciate this benefit, viewers need a 4K HDR TV.

Android TV features

Android TV set-top boxes allow you to enjoy comfortable UI / UX design and new features on any HDMI TV.

The interface of the entertainment & gaming platform is based on the principle of “ten-foot UI”: devices on Android TV can be easily controlled from a height of 2-3 meters. From this distance, viewers usually watch television.

Android TV is suitable for advanced users interested in codecs, 4K HDR support, and network resources, as well as for those who need a media player that is easy to connect and configure.

If you don’t like typing on a remote controller, just use a voice-controlled remote. With Google Assistant and voice-controlled remote, finding content that you need is easier than it’s ever been. Just find the micro on your screen and press the button on the remote controller. Within a few seconds, the content you need will appear on your TV. It is really useful when you have older people at home. 

In summary, there is no other device today that offers users so many benefits in use. Leading experts are convinced that this model is the absolute number one on the market. Do not waste time and get a great device with the latest features and for so affordable price.