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The best tech gadgets for your hygiene

BY Olly Mann

9th Sep 2018 Technology

The best tech gadgets for your hygiene

This month Olly Mann is investigating the gadgets that promise to up-grade your before-bed routine…

Running water and decent plumbing aren’t typically considered hi-tech these days. Here’s are four ways to smarten up your bathroom…

Get immersed in a eBook


“Ah, but you can’t take a Kindle in the bath, can you?” will be a familiar refrain if you’ve ever tried to persuade a committed bookworm to experiment with an e-reader. But to their horror, the Kindle Oasis (£229) can join you in the bath, because it’s waterproof up to two metres.

Amazon have cleverly designed their new product for slippery fingers: physical page buttons on the side of the device can be used instead of the touchscreen when wet, and a book-like spine allows for surprisingly comfortable one-handed reading.


Zap your zits


As a spotty teenager, I washed my face daily with Biactol, Oxy and Clearasil, which, I now concede, was perhaps overdoing it a bit.

If only I’d had a Neutrogena Visibly Clear Light Therapy Acne Mask (£59), I need not have exposed my pimply skin to harsh chemicals—rather, it blasts your face with acne-targeted light therapy.

Wearing it makes you feel like you’re Michael Myers from the Halloween movies treating himself to a spa treatment, but it works.


Pimp up your pearly whites


There are plenty of decent electric toothbrushes for under £50. But, if you want the Rolls-Royce of oral hygiene, consider the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean (£329).

The eye-watering price tag is (partially) justified by some super-cool features, including five different brushing modes, a glass that wirelessly charges the brush, and a stylish carry case that can be docked with the USB port on your laptop.


Keep your kids cool


If you’ve got unwell children at home, and don’t want to keep waking them up to prod them in the ears, the Neurofen Fever Smart Thermometer (£84) is a great gadget to keep in your bathroom cabinet.

Its flexible patch comfortably sticks to your child’s skin, then sends data via Bluetooth to a compatible app, so you can track your kid’s temperature for up to seven days on a single charge.

For a similar acne treatment LED mask, the Hangsun mask is available on Amazon.

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