The Best Solutions to Parental Controls in 2020

Parental control is an essential factor of parenting which has now become more of a concern for the widespread availability of smartphone and internet technology. Cyberbullying, harassment and lots of offensive content are an unavoidable part of online activities and it can affect your household through your kids’ behavior. Turn on Google parental controls in your browser to reduce the influence. 

Generally, kids watch YouTube the most spo you must turn on the YouTube parental controls because neglecting the internet safety or not paying much attention will do harm to your children's personality in the long run.

There are a lot of parental monitoring solutions available for iPhone and android parental controls to help you protect your child's virtual life and keep them out of the online dangers in order to build a healthy balance in successful parenting. 

  1. FamiSafe

FamiSafe is a commonly used application for parental control, developed with innovative features that enable parents to observe smartphone activity of children remotely. It is also usable on both Android and iOS devices. It lets parents control screen time, track their kids' location, scan web pages and get informed on their own phone about their children's phones. 

The parental monitoring solution, FamiSafe Android offers YouTube video detection and device monitoring. Parents can sync their children's YouTube account for alarmed texts on YouTube and trace inappropriate video titles, illustrations and responses that children have submitted.

Simple Steps to Set Up FamiSafe YouTube Controls:

For Android:

Login to a FamiSafe profile after downloading the FamiSafe app from the Google Play store.

Install the FamiSafe software on devices for monitoring and also on the devices to monitor.

Connect the screen software to children and handle it from phones of  parents.

For iOS:

Sign up a FamiSafe account on the AppStore website or download it.

Install the FamiSafe software on devices for parents as well as the kids.

Sync the children's phone to parents' for flawless monitoring.

FamiSafe has some other parental control features which are inclusive of  screen time and app restriction tools. Parents can use them to track how much time kids are spending on YouTube , and can even ban it if kids become YouTube addicts.

Like several other free parental control solutions for YouTube, this one also provides a free demo, with pretty convenient paid services.


$9.99 / month: Up to 5 devices each subscription.


$4.99 / month, Billed at $59.99 annually: up to 30 gadgets with  one time payment.

Exclusive Quarterly:

$6.66 / month charged as $19.99 a quarter: Up to 10 devices per profile.

  1. Google Parental Controls

Google lets parents implement parental controls in chrome browser as a way to prevent children from accessing something they shouldn't. So, firstly, let's all go straight into understanding Google Chrome 's latest improvements to monitoring software. And explore various ways to configure Google Chrome parental Controls. 

Google's new parental control solution is Google Family Link. This option allows parents the space to build Google Accounts to monitor their children and access their browsing data. This functionality is initially available to be used on Mobile devices only, and there are no clear details as to when windows users will be allowed to use it.

Guide for parents to use the family link in Google:

Since Google parental control is not integrated with computers yet, download the Google Family link app on the mobile phones of children and guardians.

  • Choose the Google Parent Profile, then select attach.

  • Upload Child’s google account information for its device control.

  • Enter the code in nine digits, and connect the software.

  1. YouTube Parental Controls

YouTube is the world's largest video sharing platform but most often some of its content does not really breach its rules, but it may still not be suitable for your children to watch. Given its amazing features and infinite content demand, kids are the most prone to YouTube addiction. One YouTuber may post a video doing odd things like eating very spicy food or landing in a river before you realize it, they spread all over the internet and influence your kid.

YouTube Restricted Mode is a phenomenal tool that allows users  to scan out their accounts of any inappropriate content. Clips containing any objectionable materials are filtered out by algorithm and blocked when Restricted Mode is enabled.

YouTube's restricted Mode on a browser: 

  • Log in to the YouTube website and sign in to your account.

  • Click top-right on the account profile.

  • Switch on the choice "Limited Mode".

YouTube's Restricted Mode on a Mobile

  • Open the YouTube app, and click your account profile.

  • Click and tap at Settings.

  • Switch from general to Restricted Mode.  

There are continually emerging threats such as cyberbullying, online predators and other cyber crimes targeting the young folks. Good communication must be your first step of treatment, but a parental control app is on the work 24/7 to make sure you stay on top in the safety and security of your kid.

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