The best software for programming and coding in 2019


4th Sep 2019 Technology

The best software for programming and coding in 2019

If you have ideas for creating applications and you are looking for software that can implement your plans, our selection below contains the most common utilities for developing programs.

Some contain a professional set of tools that require knowledge of programming languages. Even inexperienced users can quickly learn all the functionality to create the first simple program without the need for lengthy training.

The Best Windows Applications for Programming and Coding in 2019

Many novice programmers ask themselves: “Where can I find a good application for editing code?”.

We have prepared a list of top applications bdelow - It is worth noting that many of these programs are cross-platform. In other words, you can use them on both Windows and Mac or Linux.

Visual Studio

Visual Studio is a robust development environment for applications, which includes a wide range of functional tools. It supports all popular languages, including C ++, JavaScript, Visual Basic, AJAX, Python, TypeScript and so on. It contains tools for static analysis of source code and its comprehensive debugging.

You can create software for the operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS and for mobile devices running Android and iOS. Collaboration on one project from different computers in real-time is available.

The main advantages:

·       It features a large number of functions;

·       The presence of a debugger for JS;

·       Support for multiple monitors;

·       Using split windows XML and CSS;

·       Convenient adjustment of the work area;

·       Advanced constructor and code editor;

·       Simple and intuitive interface in Russian;

·       The ability to develop graphical elements of Windows Forms;

·       Regular auto-updates from the official Microsoft website.


Notepad++ is a free, free text editor for Windows and ReactOS. It can be considered as the older brother of the standard Windows Notepad application. Notepad ++ code editing program

The application supports syntax highlighting of most programming languages. It is for this reason that it is so in demand among many experts.

The functionality of the program can be expanded, not only with the help of third-party plug-ins but also with the help of preprocessors and compilers. Notepad plus plus is one of the best applications for editing and coding, and it is the right choice even for inexperienced users.

The main application features include:

·       Code folding

·       Syntax highlighting

·       Document map

·       File comparison

·       Auto-completion and closing brackets

PHP Storm

Brains PhpStorm is a lightweight and convenient PHP editor that maximizes your coding performance. The editor understands the code correctly, gives suitable hints, quick navigation and detects errors on the fly. The IDE is always ready to help you compile your code, run unit tests and provide visual debugging. PhpStorm supports the following languages: PHP, CSS, HTML, XML, YAML, javascript - everthing you need for website development from Brainvire.com.

The key features of the application:

·       Intelligent PHP code editor with syntax highlighting, code completion, advanced code formatting settings, preventing on-the-fly errors

·       Supports PHP 5.6, 5.5, 5.4 and 5.3, generators, coroutines and all syntax improvements

·       PHP refactoring, code (re) arranger, duplicate code detector

·       Support for Vagrant, Composer, built-in REST client, Command Line Tools, SSH console

·       Support for frameworks (MVC view for Symfony2, Yii) and specialized plugins for leading PHP frameworks (Symfony, Magento, Drupal, Yii, CakePHP, and many others)

·       Visual debugger for PHP applications, validation of the debugger configuration, PHPUnit with code coverage, as well as integration with the profiler

·       HTML, CSS, JavaScript editor. Debugging and unit testing for JS. Support for HTML5, CSS, Sass, SCSS, Less, Stylus, Compass, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, ECMAScript Harmony, Emmet, and other advanced web development technologies

·       A complete set of tools for front-end development

·       Support for code styles, PSR1 / PSR2, Symfony2, Zend, Drupa, and other built-in styles


Boostnote is a great example of a note-taking app for programmers. You can embed code blocks directly in regular notes, as well as create separate notes of the fragment type, which are specially designed to collect and group several code blocks into one note. It also supports task management lists.

The most exciting thing about Boostnote is that it is free and open-source, cross-platform, and your notes will sync across all platforms on which you use Boostnote.

Arduino IDE

Arduino IDE will allow you to develop a program for controlling automatic devices, such as LEDs, relays, microcontrollers or electric motors. It contains options for exporting, saving, searching and replacing sketches. There are an advanced compiler and a module for downloading new board firmware.

Benefits of the free Arduino environment:

·       Learning C ++ code;

·       The presence of a convenient main menu;

·       Developed firmware for robotics and automation;

·       High-speed installation of the program in the device;

·       The ability to work with several projects at the same time;

·       Full compatibility with any Arduino boards;

·       Compatible with Max / MSP, Macromedia Flash, SuperCollider, Pure Data;

·       A large amount of reference information and examples for beginners.


A simple program with a funny name. It supports the creation of projects in PHP, js, HTML, CSS, SQL and XML languages.

Advantages and disadvantages of Codelobster

·       Automatic syntax checking. Especially useful for beginners who have not fully understood the rules for tagging and scripting.

·       Built-in PHP debugger. It can significantly save time when searching for errors in PHP scripts.

·       Auto-completion function. It's simple: you start writing a standard function or tag - the program ends.

·       Inspector HTML and CSS. It will help to catch an insidious error, which often creeps into the code.

The main disadvantage of the application is that it works only under Windows. Besides, it belongs to the category of shareware. This means that it can be used for free, but with limited functionality.

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