The best looking tech on the market

BY Paul Armstrong

24th Jan 2022 Technology

The best looking tech on the market

Good design doesn’t just mean minimalist; it’s helpful, thoughtful and can change lives. Here’s a selection of technology that wants to make your life better

Not all technology is created equally. Far too much is cheap and nasty, while others roughly do the job, or worse, don’t do the job. Good design doesn’t just create technology that “does the job”, but should go further.

Perhaps extending the relationships you have with others, giving you back more time in your day, or best yet, fade into the background. Here’s a collection of technology you might want to consider investing in to up the design and decrease the stress.

MP02 by Punkt, £289

Punkt is known for its sleek lines and minimal focus, the updated version of MP O1, is a nod to the retro and a little less bleeping. If you like your phones to be phones and very little else, the MP O2 is the phone for you. The best part?

The ringtone is a pigeon cooing instead of a jolting barrage of random noises. 


Mirror by Mirror, $1195

Great design sees technology blend into objects. A great example is “Mirror”, the new fitness accessory that motivates you to work out and improves your workout thanks to its numerous cameras.

You can even have a dedicated trainer beam into your kitchen. Who knows? The next stop might just see you cooking with the Masterchef crew!


Dyson Lightcycle Morph by Dyson, £499


Dyson does not shy away from letting you know how much design goes into its products. The Dyson Lightcycle Morph™ may be lesser known than the hoovers and hair products but is stunning to use.

The local daylight tracking means that you get different lights throughout the day to help you stay alert and sleep better at night. The light even adjusts based on your age to help you read easier and give your eyes a rest when possible. Now that’s good design.


The Freestyle by Samsung, £499

Samsung recently came out with a slew of new products at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the standout of which was “The Freestyle”.

The 100-inch, high-definition, self-contained projector also features a powerful speaker, voice assistant and swivel mechanism that makes it perfect for ceilings. No more cricked necks and bulky projectors cluttering up your lounge. 


Dreame D10 Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner, £389

Dreame’s D10 PLUS Robot Vacuum is a godsend for anyone who despises hoovering. While it may not win style awards, the functionality is superb.

The self-sterilising and self-emptying robot vacuum and mop are not only powerful but hygienic. The result is you breathing in fewer nasties and less emptying than with other models out there, thanks to the quiet rear dust collector at the base station. A small footprint too, the whole thing when charging is no bigger than a steering wheel. 


Oura Ring by Oura, from $299

Now in its third generation, the Oura ring isn’t just great to look at; it’s packed full of sensors to measure your heart rate, activity, sleeping patterns and a lot more besides.

Health tech is a massive area that design often forgets, but that’s not the case here. Oura is water-resistant, weighing four to six grams and works on iOS and Android phones with a slick app. Available in four colours, the battery lasts an impressive four to seven days, so fear not, you won’t be charging this every night.  


Halo by Lumie, £219

Lumie’s “Halo” is like a mini-sun wrapped in a beautiful case designed to combat SAD and winter blues. Mimicking daylight thanks to the 10,000 lumens (at 20 cm), the cool and warm-white LED’s are adjustable and touch-sensitive, so Halo becomes a fully functional light and not just something you sit in front of for 30-minutes a day.

The copper halo gives an air of refinement that complements and adds an air of luxury to any home. You can even try it for free for 45 days. 


Pixel 6 by Google, from £430

Google is thinking beyond the device to create more accurate and inclusive software. A key example is how the new Pixel 6 camera realistically matches the person’s skin tone. Something that has not been focused on for decades.

Additionally, Google has also made the device unique to you by creating a bespoke theme for your phone based on the images you choose as wallpaper too. If any other phone is as personal, we want to see it! 

Paul Armstrong is CEO of Here/Forth, the emerging technology advisory that created “What Did Amazon Do This Week?” which helps large and small businesses understand where Amazon is going next

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*This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you.

This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you. Read our disclaimer

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