Technology: the gateway to travel


1st Jan 2015 Technology

Technology: the gateway to travel

Travel is typically regarded as a chance to detach ourselves from reality and escape the interruptions that come with our busy lifestyles. Some people welcome the solitude, whereas others want to share it.

Sharing-focused travel

The desire to share our experiences has led to an increase in technology becoming a primary reason for travel, with research finding that two-fifths of millennials are actually choosing their travel destination based on how ‘Instagrammable’ it is.

An added incentive for people who use technology on holiday are the new laws which came into play on 15th June which mean roaming charges across Europe are abolished, so phone users no longer need worry about costs involved in making calls or using the internet when abroad – making it easier than ever to keep in touch and share content with those at home.

Whether it’s to research must-see things in the area, compare hotel prices, or simply use digital maps to help us get around, it’s undeniable that technology plays an increasing role in our travels. As a result it’s enhancing the travel experience by making it simpler to plan visits and stay safe. And it’s not just for gap year students wanting to visit the location which will get them the most ‘likes’, technology can be used to significantly enhance the travelling experience for all types of wanderer, from solo travellers to retirees.


Living like a local

With GPS it’s never been easier to explore hidden locations, while staying confident that you’re safe off the beaten track. AroundMe is an app that identifies the user’s position and shows recommendations, reviews and attractions, along with distances from where they are, offering up a whole new side of a destination that otherwise may go unknown. Sites like TripAdvisor are regularly being turned to for recommendations as opposed to travel guides, with research showing that millennials in particular trust user-generated content 50 per cent more than other media. Having access to regularly updated travel reviews opens up a wealth of options, meaning travellers can be more spontaneous when choosing destinations as they will be able to access recommendations as they go. Holiday-goers don’t have to worry about meticulously planning a trip and can concentrate on enjoying the experience.



Booking trips abroad during retirement can seem daunting, especially if travelling alone. Added to that, mature travellers may have children and grandchildren who they would be reluctant to leave without sufficient contact. More companies are recognising that it’s not uncommon for retirees to use this time to become a digital nomad, and still want to be able to stay connected. Rather than be put off by the latest smartphone and Instagram filters, seniors are looking to specialist manufacturers to streamline the process of staying in touch and sharing their travel experiences. There are products on the market with simplified user interfaces that use command buttons like ‘send’ to send a text message or ‘snap’ to take a photo, making it easier to communicate with friends and family. Retirees want to use technology to travel and explore with ease, especially when they retire, and with the right products they can do so confidently.


Going solo

Gone are the days of only travelling with a partner or in groups, more people are embracing solo travel. These days we have access to specially designed apps which allow solo travellers to reach out to friends, family and public safety departments to enable loved ones to keep an eye on their movements as they travel at night. Having the ability to travel alone and take steps to stay safer gives many solo travellers the courage to take the leap, meaning they don’t have to rely on others to experience more in life.

Holidays should be a time to unwind and enjoy new experiences. Thanks to technology, this is easier to achieve than ever before, with the added bonus of sharing your experiences with loved ones at home. You can even book the next trip from your mobile phone. It’s time to pack your bags!

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