Technological capacity: Understanding automation & it’s advancements


15th Nov 2021 Technology

Technological capacity: Understanding automation & it’s advancements

Technology is rapidly increasing, with new products and methods entering the market every now and then.

Every industry around the world is slowly becoming autonomous with the help of these technological maneuvers. Businesses need to keep themselves updated with these technological changes otherwise the market will become more complex and competitors will reap off the benefits, eventually throwing your business out of the market. Keeping this in mind, William Moore of Mojavie and Most Valuable Gaming creates applications that integrate and align different industries including the likes of healthcare, business, and politics.

Each industry has its own ecosystem and it can be difficult to integrate different technological products together. Similarly, the finance industry has been growing fourfold, with increasing number of financial products disrupting the market. People are now inclined towards mobile applications that facilitate different products across multiple industries. Understanding this need, Moore has established Mojavie, a company that offers a platform where people from different disciplines but with similar interests can connect and network, stepping foot towards a common goal.

Why is technology important in gaming?

Technological advancements influencing various industries, the gaming industry has seen massive growth through technology as well. Before, there were very minimal specs for games and gaming equipment and players had to make do with whatever consoles they had. The present era has seen massive upgrades in graphics, speed, internet connectivity, performance, and the games themselves. Players have adapted to these changes relatively quickly. Events have been held all over the world, with tournaments having massive prize pools. The entire industry is booming with new technology being introduced in gaming such as VR/AR. This makes the entire gaming experience even more thrilling.

All of this helps gamers develop their cognitive abilities and enhance their control over the senses. Gaming also works as a stress releaser as gamers interact and socialize during games as well. While all these benefits are present, it is extremely important to manage the events as well as the players, especially the young talents. Keeping this in mind, Moore established Most Valuable Gaming Inc., a talent and event management company that has been involved in hosting multiple international events related to gaming. The company also focuses on training young gamers to hone their technical skills and improve their dexterity. It is true that gamers can only develop their skills practically by indulging themselves in proper gaming yet it is equally important to possess the necessary gaming knowledge that will eventually make way for a better gaming experience.

Moore highlights the importance of gaming very precisely.

“Gaming plays an essential part in a gamer’s life. While you are gaming, you have the freedom to go anywhere you want. This helps in building confidence in the youth, motivates them to explore. In a game, you die and revive, which is definitely fun but it also builds tolerance. It is very rare for people to play a game once and ace it, thus people try and try again to eventually succeed in a game. In a nutshell, this looks quite simple but it has a multiplier effect. By trying again and again, people understand the importance of struggle and thus incorporate it in their daily lives. You see, gaming is not limited to the game itself, the benefits spread across the gamers’ lives.

Stories and technology

Technology has also forever changed the world of publishing. Before, people had to write everything on paper and get them printed; the typical. With technological advancements, people now write electronically and post them over the internet as well. This digitalization has allowed thousands of users across the globe to write without restraints. Moore, understanding the involvement of technology, has opened his horizon and delved into the world of fantasy, writing different books. He has written a horror suspense book called Sparrow’s Valley, and another series by the name of Twisted Fairy Tells. Both of these are available online and can be read by anyone.

It is important to accommodate technology in every field and industry you work in. If you fail to do that, you will become stagnant at one point of time and because of that you will not succeed in the field you are working in.

Looking into the future, the world of software, programming, and technology as a whole is going to change rapidly with the immense expansion technological applications. In that capacity, it is important to develop your skillset accordingly. MVG does not only focus on the gaming community but the entire society as a whole, because at the end of the day, gamers and the community is part of the society and the benefits gained from gaming improve the mental capacity of the gamers, and because of the better thinking capacity due to gaming, the external benefits are transferred to the society.

Industries together can be aligned to create an entire ecosystem. For the most part, digitalization and technological advancements are the main areas that can integrate all the departments together to create perfect harmony, where there is division of labor as well as automation, and everything works to accommodate each other.

Due to extensive experience in the software and information industry, Moore is creating opportunities in the industry where everything can be aligned in a way that creates perfect harmony. MVG and Mojavie are also an example of this philosophy, working towards the betterment of the society as well as allowing people with specific skillset to connect, build a network and eventually create something innovative to help all the stakeholders.

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