Software Recommendation: Free mind mapping and brainstorming software to Improve Productivity | EdrawMind Review

In modern society, being productive is one of the essential things in life.

What is a mind map?

A mind map is a method of graphically representing different ideas and concepts. It is a tool to visually imagine the information you have to give it a structure and help you comprehend it better. In this method, data is not taken linearly. It is structured in such a way that it represents exactly how the brain works. One can use this mind mapping method for multiple purposes, such as note-taking, brainstorming, memorization, research, planning, presentation, etc. The kind of uses one can put it to is innumerable. Thanks to innovation, we have the technology to work for us so that we can save more time each day. One such mind map software is Wondershare EdrawMind that helps you with your idea generation, project work and task management, organizing and planning multiple tasks. 

How can EdrawMind help us?

EdrawMind is a fully-featured tool for mind mapping and brainstorming. It helps you create a wide range of mind maps based on your needs. Using interactive diagrams and visuals, it arranges information to find the commonalities between multiple tasks and approaches them in a quick and solution-oriented way. You get to choose from various layouts such as a bubble map, fishbone, timeline, etc., to draw your customized mind maps.  There are 12 types of layouts, 33 themes and 700+ clipart for customizing various mind maps.  Be it brainstorming, trying to break down a big topic into understandable chunks of information, EdrawMind is your go-to friend. The app also helps you in identifying hindrances that can occur in your potential action plans. 

How To Brainstorm with EdrawMind?

This is a unique tool for brainstorming, which makes holding meetings and receiving responses extremely smooth. The only thing you need to do is launch the brainstorming tool and take inputs from different sources in different colors and drag them to the other side to display a mind map of all the ideas and information provided by your team. This creates a unique data visualization experience.


To help you understand that how to use EdrawMind, here is a list of some of the other critical features of the app:

  • Project and Task Management

Mind mapping software will only be helpful if their interface is easy and understandable for the customers. You can switch from mind map mode to Gantt chart view in EdrawMind without any effort. The process is seamless, and you will not have to learn everything from scratch. 

  • Build maps you want

EdrawMind has pre-defined mind map templates, which enable you to create different kinds of maps based on your needs. There are a dozen options to choose from to help you create, customize and share your maps quickly and easily. 

  • Operating System

The EdrawMind app is available across all operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and Web.

Other features include the ability to include tables, hyperlinks, attachments, and notes to your mind maps. You can also convert your map into a document file, a PDF, or a PowerPoint. 

Pricing Plans

You can download the EdrawMind app for free on your Windows, Linux, or iOS, Android or access the website on Google chrome or other browsers and use it for free. Free Download EdrawMind. Except for the free version, there are various purchase options also available for customers with different needs. Individual customers start from $39/six months.

All paid subscriptions come with cloud storage and automatic online upgrades. With all these services, a support system will solve all your queries related to technical issues. You can raise a ticket on the support portal, and an executive will be assigned to your case to help you resolve it. 


If you are a beginner in mind mapping, we would recommend you try EdrawMind, and you will notice a direct impact on your productivity levels. It makes your problem handling, ideas construction, and presentation much more professional.  The app is helpful for students who have multiple deadlines to meet in the field of academia and the corporate culture, where meetings, presentations, and solving problems are what run a business smoothly and efficiently.

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